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Jun 8, - Before you decide to buy one of them, it's better to choose the key parameters, . The body of the camera is not waterproof, but it comes with a Xiaomi YI 4K+ has become the first action camera that can record video in.

Best action camera 2019: our top 13 cameras rated action xiaomi waterproof yi camera

Elephone Explorer Pro 4K 2. GitUp Git2 2K 5. XiaoMi Yi P 1. Elephone Explorer Pro 4K Video comparison: Elephone Ele Explorer vs Xiaomi Yi Camera Perhaps, this wqterproof the freshest camera from those presented, since it was released to the market in and so far very few people have managed to try it at all.

Of the features it can be noted that this is the first camera in the world with voice command support. Avtion xiaomi yi action camera waterproof Work time: Up to 30 meters in case WiFi: Yes Time Lapse: Yes, ms, ms, discount tires bellevue washington, 1s, 5 seconds interval Viewing angle: The Yi camera has a setting in the app to xiaomi yi action camera waterproof the lens curve a common annoyance in action cameras.

waterproof camera xiaomi action yi

Once you set this, anything that's not in the center of the image seems to become a lot blurrier. Not so with the Yi; cammera have to fix it manually. In video mode, things are a little more complicated.

action camera yi waterproof xiaomi

The color difference is still present, but footage from GoPro's Hero feels less shaky, and differences in image sharpness become less pronounced between the two. In my tests, both cameras were mounted in a " Norbert frame.

yi waterproof xiaomi action camera

The Yi camera footage feels like it has more wobble from just the smallest of movements. You can still see some of that waterproof the GoPro, but it's less dizzying.

yi waterproof camera xiaomi action

Below are two video edits containing a mixture of footage, one from the Yi camera, the other from the GoPro Hero. If you've ever used a GoPro, you'll know that navigating the menus can take a little getting used to.

waterproof action xiaomi yi camera

But, once you've got the rhythm down, you can zip around, and change settings pretty quickly. Not so with the Yi camera. The lack of a display means you're guided by LEDs. The power button has one acttion it that changes color as battery levels decline. There's also one on xiaomi yi action camera waterproof of the camera that remains on, or off, depending on which mode you are in video and photo, respectively.

waterproof camera xiaomi action yi

But in terms of feedback, for the Yi camera, that's largely it. If you left it in burst mode, for example, you'd have no idea until you took waterproot picture, and heard the camera rattle off multiple shots.

You also can't change that back to normal camera mode without the app.

Xiaomi's affordable Yi action camera versus the GoPro Hero

The app is actually a big dividing factor between these two cameras. But, at the same time, the little LCD on the Hero means you don't actually need the app. Waterproof case Material: PVC Colour: Clear Compatibility: Xiaomi Yi Sport.

waterproof xiaomi yi action camera

Additional information Color Greentransparent. Reviews 0. Other than that, it also includes many features such as waterproofing, shock proofingall of which actioon make it more durable when filming, especially in extreme situations, eg.

Scuba-Diving, mountain-biking, etc.

yi waterproof xiaomi action camera

Amount of pixels in each frame which corresponds to the detail of the film. It is measured in angle. As an editor of the footage, you would also have more freedom to choose from.

Most standard actions cameras have a 30fps shooting speed and movies that you see are usually recorded in 30fps as well. However, if xiaomi yi action camera waterproof are planning to record something that moves very fast, or in slow-motion, higher end action cameras can record up to fps.

action xiaomi camera waterproof yi

Therefore, the higher the FPS, the smoother and crisper the footage is. Similarly to the video resolution, the more pixels, the more details it is able to capture, and hence the sharper the image would be.

Taslar® Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera 40M Underwater Waterproof . YI, the Choice of Million+ Happy Users • Leading the imaging-technology.

Another thing to note is the duration of the battery life. An especially important thing to take note if you plan to submerge it iy.

action camera waterproof xiaomi yi

Most waterproof action cameras are able to film normal underwater footages, like swimming, snorkelling, etc, however, if you wish to bring it down with you when you scuba-dive, you might want to check with the manufacturer or the retailer. Below the live image the currently xiaomi yi action camera waterproof resolution is displayed.

Photo — Time-Lapse — Timer — Burst mode. Photo indicates the single photo mode, in time-lapse mode you can select the interval: This mode will create individual photos.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Waterproof Case - iMediaStores

A video time-lapse mode, where a video file is created, is available in video mode. Burst mode will shoot multiple photos.

camera xiaomi waterproof action yi

To enter photo waterprlof you have to press the cogwheel on the top right, where you can find the following settings:. Time stamp: The green photo button acts as shutter, if you press the video icon below you change to video mode:.

This time-lapse xiaomi yi action camera waterproof has a video file as final result.

Best action camera 2019: 10 cameras for the GoPro generation

When selecting this mode you can choose interval time and video length. When pressing yk cogwheel you enter video settings where you can change e.

action xiaomi camera waterproof yi

The following xiaomi yi action camera waterproof are available, when NTSC is selected. When you switch waterproif PAL in device settings the 30fps options are changed to 25fps or a multiple of that. Metering Mode: Same as in photo mode you can define in which area of the frame the exposure is measured:. Auto Low Light: When you select this option, the camera commercial with exercise bike and computer adjust the frame rate according to the current light conditions.

Video quality: You can select high, medium or low and the camera changes the xiaomi yi action camera waterproof rate p 60fps:. Same as in photo mode you waterprood display time and or date in your video.

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Your installed firmware version is displayed. When you press it you can check for updates. SD card: You can check how much of your storage is used and you can format your xiamoi micro SD card.

camera action xiaomi waterproof yi

Adjust Lens distortion: The quality of the picture will be a little poorer as the picture is stretched. These 2 photos and 2 video frames ware taken from the same position about 1,5m above the floor. I think in photo mode it does a pretty good xiaomi yi action camera waterproof as the lines are almost straight.

waterproof action camera xiaomi yi

It seems that in xiaomu mode the lines on top and bottom are straighter but with an additional distortion in the middle. Turn on Wi-Fi when device is on: Not much to explain here:

camera xiaomi yi waterproof action

News:The YI Action Camera has a lightweight compact design and takes of the winning home run or select the time-lapse mode to capture the sunrise at dawn. POV skateboarding video or add waterproof housing to take snorkeling photos.

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