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Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile

Yeah that kills me, because the '19 carbon stumpjumper looks sweet. Enjoy it you short fucks. Local shops usually knew the local trail types. Ended up working at my local shop and we would let people demo during the weekly group rides. It sold a lot of bikes. Brands were limited to local availability. You went and talked to people. Talked to those you saw on the trails, go to all the local shops and shoot the shit with them to see what they suggest. Once you did that you test rode until you were content and made your purchase.

The best part was there wasn't anyone on the internet making you second guess your purchase. No one saying "oh just wait til you crack that frame, I've broken 15 of them now" or whatever. I didn't care what others thought and Where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass didn't care about what others had.

It was just me and my new bike and I had a blast. As much as I'd like to say that I don't care about others opinions about my rig these days I think we all know that's a little untrue. How to use handbrake to convert video all care about it, that's part of why we are on here. Told a stranger in the local bike shop fit me to the Norco, because that was the only brand they sold.

It was usually a special issue you had to purchase. Listing frame sizes, angles, parts, prices etc for each make and model on the market that year. I know it sounds crazy, but I've bought seven bikes without asking the opinion of any strangers at all. Thats how I roll. I remember seeing a Brodie on display at my LBS, don't know the model, but I think it was red and white and had the first disc brakes I'd ever seen on a bicycle. I distinctly remember deciding then and there I wanted one just like it.

My dirt jumper is a Brodie: Also I think the last year they made DJs. It's too bad they abandoned their MTBs. Agreed, they made some of the nicest rigs in their day, when I was buying mine all the salespeople would try to sell me a specialized or a rocky, when I'd say I was set on the Brodie they'd all be like, "yeah I actually ride a Brodie myself" Looked at their site a few years back when I was shopping for a new bike and it made me sad.

Bike shop mechanics. When you saw two or three riding the same model for that year, you knew it was a pretty decent one. Pre-Internet, people just bought stuff from local stores. If you were really lucky, you had more than one store to choose between. Pre-internet I was a teenager so I didn't have where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass so it was whatever bike I could afford. MBUK magazine was the sources for all the reviews but I couldn't even afford the budget stuff back then.

I remember I eventually found a two season old Muddy Fox in a bike shop that mostly sold kids and shopping bikes, it was Aluminium and had a decent groupset and was going really cheap so I was thrilled, then I upgraded the fork to an old Mag 10 elastomeric shock that was mail order from an ad on one of the magazines.

Went into a bike shop. Told them my weight and how I what I do and gave them my budget. Then buy whatever they said lol. Sit down son, I want to tell what hairstyles go with bike helmets a story about these things we used to have called "magazines" it was like a website you could hold.

One of the "magazines" was called Mountain Bike Action and another was called Bike they had photos and reviews of bikes people may be interested in, crazy times. Seriously though you usually just ended up with whatever the local where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass had in your price range, if you were lucky you had a Klein dealer their bikes were so beautiful.

The first two bikes I bought were not too great, for reasons having to do with a combination of bike fit that's not ideal and unsuitability to my preferred kind of riding. I read up a lot on bike geometry, sizing and fit and have been riding times a week for the past 10 years, and in the process owned 12 different bikes, and now I know pretty much exactly what I want in a bike.

I have a baseline for fit and geometry that I learned to tweak to my liking, and I prefer to buy bare frames to build them up how I want. Very happy with my current 3-bike stable. Test rides. NORBA circuit races and the sponsors. Bike shops and talking shop with them. Read magazines not just for reviews and articles but for adverts from mail order shops like Merlin and Chain Reaction before they had proper websiteslook at bikes in the local shop.

Actually call up bike brands on the phone and get them to post you out a catalogue. I remember back in the mids you could buy the Evans bikes UK shop catalogue in newsagents. Read reviews in magazines and on other online forums.

Went to a bunch of shops with a general idea of what I was looking where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass, rode a bunch similar bikes in their parking lots, bought the one I liked the most. Lol went into local shop and bought my first frame from owner cause he didnt like the color heckler and never looked back. I read a lot of bike magazines. Talked to other where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass.

Ultimately test rode and purchased one that my local bike shop had in my price range. The next bike was a team buy through the garmin edge 1000 gps bike activity tracker team. My dad asked the guy at the pawn shop why the cannondale cost so much more than the other bikes. Picked it up, felt how light it was and bought it for me. I've been a weight weenie ever since.

I picked the cool green one with the most gears AND it had front suspension I looked for the color I liked and then found a make and model that looked good in it. I have never been wrong. Looked around in the bike shop to see what they had in my price range. There was basically one bike on the floor that fit my budget, so I bought it Gary Fisher Tassajara.

The options were much fewer back then. Frame colour, obviously. Seriously though, there were some pretty informative magazines and I knew people at the bike shops so information was available, albeit from people trying to sell bikes. Back in the eighties and nineties my friends and I would stay with the same bike for years as well, and in retrospect some of those bikes were awful but we still had a great time.

I rode bikes as long as I can remember. As a kid was a big fan of GT. That was it. Then I had a budget and test rode a bunch of bikes and looked at what was available locally. Pinkbike, friends, and also a certain honesty where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass what my skills are and the sorts of trails I am most likely to ride.

This is pretty much the point Im trying to make. Sometimes I feel like people aren't where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass looking for an answer.

Its just their way of bragging about their potential choices. Set a budget. Then I looked at just about every bike I could as close to the budget, comparing components.

Also I had a list of components I refused 661 raji or specialized lowdown biking gloves compromise on. What White People Like has previously taken a loving potshot at bicycles: Bike shops are almost […]. What if your Mom really did bike in an European city? Granted that is where she was born. It was my understanding that none of the bike companies listed below allow their bikes to be sold new through the mail.

Where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass wonder how many of those bikes are ridden 10 miles. Then forgotten, or abandoned at the nearest theft area.

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These are all probably stolen. It makes commuting fun. Being a white cyclist in London has its perks. Companies that make all these ultra-expensive bikes are a rip-off. Dude, bike shoes make a big difference. You gets what you pays for. Sometimes, people want the best and pay silly money. But yeah, this article is absolutely right: I whefe do dig my fixie with the cool exotic parts.

Stopped laughing long enough to send this page to my bike riding son in Austin. He just got back to me that he met Christian Lander while he was promoting his book in Austin and had beers with him. I love being one of the bjx people in town who rides a Masi. Other white people xomputer things like: Like telemarking vs. Then we retire for a locally made India Pale Ale. I have two posters of Lance Armstrong hanging in my room at school.

I wear bike shorts when I go to Starbucks. It makes little rhe for short jaunts un town in jeans dumbasa t-shirt on a compyter bike…. The bright spandex outfits with the faux-commercial endorsements, the ultra-small fannypacks, and those goofy stream-lined helmets yeah, it really DOES make me go faster. No, this is […]. The males are going sterile from riding and therefor will compuyer be able to reproduce. Then those sums a bxm will be off the road.

I love bike ridin. I even have those spandex pants. But bike shorts like that are more for the padding than anything else. When guys ride for more than minutes you start to lose circulation in a vein that goes to your junk and will kill your sperm count plus you get pretty sore.

Those pants are padded in that whole region for that reason. I lost another rear view mirror of the side of my truck. God damn, hit another bike rider.

They should be make to a pay for my mirrors. Oh Bucky, If that were really true you would have been pulled out of your three ton prosthetic penis pickup and severely whupped by now.

Cyclists are in shape. They work out and are conditioned. Private, quick, courteous service. If this is your first time using service please email mikeymoscow gmail. This post ignores the fact that white people like to ride bikes because they can ls they where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass cheaper than automobiles.

Fuck that, never where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass my life will i ever take off a cambio corsa and slap on a phil wood product. Why white people like bikes: Im a white chick and you wouldnt catch me dead on one of those cheesy where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass with a basket. Let alone a full skirt. Mine is a Subzerocost about US and yes Best helmets for road bike commuting wear spandex.

And funny, I thought Dubmass was cool too. I dont have a car, but needless to say, it will cost less than my next bike which is about 20, usa Orbea Orca if I can ever save up for it. Or where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass lesser thr which is about Orbea Onyx.

Im a subset of white bike nerds, the road bike chix are rare. But yes, we do find men bxm in spandex, really hot. Cyclists, the roadies, even the old guys have amazing bodies. Ive found myself checking out 70 year old guys from the back, and thinking they were 20 I myself have the body of 20 year old, Im 40 And,by the way — it doesnt make guys impotent.

Maybe for ten minutes after you got off the bike after a mile ride when youd want a rest. Ive tested in the field. Always, always, always wear a helmet when mountain bike handlebar attachments a bike.

All it takes is one accident where you smack your head on the ground to turn you into a vegetable. Not cool.

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If you have the misfortune to crash while riding with said good quality helmet and it hits something, throw it away and get a new helmet. Never wear a helmet that has been damaged in a crash or otherwise. In all the years I have been a serious recreational cyclist close to 20 nowI have crashed a few times hazard of the sport, unfortunately but have never hit my head on anything.

However, I will never ride without a helmet. The extremely negative consequences of a serious brain injury are simply not worth taking a chance. I owned a Klein Quantum II road bike for about 11 years. It was a great bike and I thoroughly enjoyed riding it all those years. Those little buggers are expensive and take away the money I could be spending on super expensive bikes.

I live in So Cal and what is really popular with the Hispanic population here and believe me, there are a lot of them is riding their bikes on the sidewalk. It is illegal not to mention dangerous, but they all do it anyway.

Wow offended by someone of another ethnicity not following the rules. I could care less. What pisses me off are the maniacs on the expensive road bikes training in public parks and scolding people with dogs or children in the path rather than car dealerships on broadway in mesa az down where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass picking another route.

My contentious comment is why do serious road bike folks insist on hauling ass through busy roadmaster granite peak bike parts city park trails while scolding people enjoying the park on foot and especially with children or dogs. As if the trails were made for the road bikes and no one else.

I am deeply offended see my white person offended scowl? But, the pinnacle of white person bicycling is the recumbent bike. And, it costs more! What else? I got two pegs on the back, and you got two legs under your skirt So ho, we head To the Dope Pedal Headquarters. Well, adn there are still those where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass who simply use bicycles as a means of transport, nothing more, nothing less.

But their stupid vintage bikes are mostly broken. This is called witt,satire, sarcasm go look it up!!!!!!!!!!!! Mountain bikes are MUCH more complicated than that… as a white person, I feel compelled to pedal at ridiculous speed through narrow forest trails studded with slippery roots and pointy rocks.

A regular should teenagers wear bike helmets bike with shocks and 27 speeds is way too where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass for my pasty paleness, so I ride a rigid singlespeed. I bleed and break things when I fall, but have no worries because white people like me all have great health insurance and white women love guys with interesting scars and fresh bark rash.

Okay, fred. Also, what does his ethnicity have to do with anything? Please keep your mean comments to yourself. This blog is not a place for hating, it is a place for lighthearted fun, and making light of the Holocaust is low and has no place here.

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Pft, single speeds. We see those whites in their expensive bikes and 360 degree panoramic sports action camera wifi all the time with adverts on them, little rear-view mirrors taped to glasses, what a joke. Bicycles rock. Oh yes. Oh, and about Hitler, fred, that comment pretty much made my day: And for swine flu! Black people do like bikes. Otherwise, LeBron James where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass not be part owner of Cannondale.

I am black and I get as much pleasure out of riding my bike the same as anyone else. Of course when when you make assumptions about black people you are only id yourself look like an ass.

Except, your forgettting china has the largest population in the world, and they have been biking for generations. You guys NEED your money. Waste it on me instead. Thanks so much!

You thought it. I know you did. Stop lying. I knew it.

How Long Will Health Insurers Continue to Put Up With Obamacare?

I feel like I only see white people on bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, and unicycles…. Cyclist who ride to work actually DO save the earth. I am a relatively poor non-white folk; i cannot afford a car so i have to ride my bike not just to work but anywhere else in the city, and whlie I am helping save the planet and reduce pollution by riding my bike year around I have to endure fumes exhausted by those mostly white folks riding alone where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass their fancy SUVs.

The whole fixed gear thing is much bigger in Japan than any western urban area. This list is essentially made up of everyday objects that are easy targets for ridicule. I live in Denver and that shit is just out of control right now. I hate them. You are suprised. Keep on killing the car, hipsters and soon you too may find a faster way to get into town, on why is facebook video quality so bad bus.

Get a huffy and shut up. I love the last 2 paragraphs!! Im going to fabricate a story like that band see if I gain a where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass chick friend.

Indeed, relieving idiots of their money is a necessary Darwinistic activity. I say, go for it Bike Shops, up the prices 3X, you will get more guilt-ridden liberal customers, not less. It can be done cheaply.

Street-Tough Racers Fight for Supremacy in L.A.'s Underground Cycling World | L.A. Weekly

Yes, good old public education where they deny the bell curve and bring everyone down to the lowest denominator to insure equal outcome. There is one thing, however, that public education excels at. Making Democrat voters. Dumb down even the smart ones, keep them government dependent, and indoctrinate with id hatred and liberal lies. Yes, government education, and social engineering. Its the only way the Democrats can keep in political power, and at the expense of the human genome.

Are You All That Stupid.

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I mean seriously. If you want to know who likes bikes most, have a look at some pics of how people get about in China and India. Americans of all colours are obsessed with cars. Drive faster, die faster, whatever suckers. Not really, a few white Americans without driving where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass or too afraid to drive a block in a car.

While the 3rd world where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass to achieve our standard of living, the liberals strive to reduce us to theirs. Yes people in those im ride because yhe are unaffordable to most people. I cycle, here in Australia, where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass a bikke is too expensive to run all the time as well as being stupid: Conservative Americans like you can only afford to drive cars because you suck the marrow out of the world and invade or bully whoever you need to to get cheap oil.

So the rest of the world has been subsidising you to drive your inefficient and overweight dinosaur cars. The rest of bxm world drives and exports efficient cars, while your industry needs Intensive and Computed Care worth billions just to keep it alive. The rest of the world makes more efficient cars, moves enormous numbers of people via public transport and yes, sweetheart, uses bikes. Europe is aiming to increase bike use with countries like the Netherlands and Holland leading the way.

My gps apps for my android phone on my bike has just been accepted into a selective high school and my nine year old son can probably read and comprehend better than tge. You are however just another very typically brainwashed conservative American with little or no perspective.

You think, strike that, iis believe that the world can somehow, with finite resources, and there will be no consequences for my kids or grandkids. Sadly though a bunch of miserable passive aggressive sad sacks like you seem to have hijacked it. I stand corrected. You did get a better liberal indoctrination from your selective schools in Australia.

Guess they realized they need to throw more in bik and complexity for the brainwashing than say, for the aborigines. Yes, just a few factoids from the country that 60 short years ago defeated global fascism. The country that achieved the highest standard of living and wealth in the history of man, and spread that as much as possible to others. American cars, yes you are correct. Toyota makes the best cars. Next they will ban Toyotas…. Clogged freeways and overpriced fuel.

Both are manifestations of liberalism. Clogged freeways are a two-fer caused by unregulated breeding and immigration gmx illegal and liberal political manipulation to prevent construction of infrastructure necessary to dumbas the increase in population they are responsible for. Stopped on the freeways in congestion vs driving the speed limit on properly sized roadways used by legal and useful contributors to society. Overpriced fuel hits you too in Australia.

There is no new oil drilling despite the fact of huge world-wide untapped reserves. They are not as finite as you think, but yes, there is a limit.

A better way to look at it, in all aspects, is demand in excess of supply. We are as cattle in a feed filf. Knee-deep in our own fle because there are simply too many of us. You can thank the Liberals for that. Liberals breed or import these dependent loosers wheere keep in political power. Actually, I think you are neither, but are a computwr of your education. George Bush is in no way a conservative.

We have a saying here about our so called 2 party political system:. The Democrats are in a where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass driving MPH toward a cliff. The Republicans bie also driving toward that same cliff, but they are only going 60MPH…. Bottom line, the end result will be the same, only a matter of timing. To conclude, you still have quite a bit of it right, and I think you will have that epiphany some time in the future. It might happen when the Muslims you have allowed to enter your country do something really nasty and reveal their true nature.

It might happen when you are in the hospital recovering from injuries when your bicycle is hit by a motor vehicle…. You are so right. Why do all these stupid liberal jerks want clean air anyway? And, like most true conservatives, I hate everyone but white people. You and our neo-con friends are so right, the liberal religion should best affordable action camera 2017 exterminated, just like our hero Adolf Hitler did to the Jews.

Sieg heil Bush!! Sieg heil!! Sorry if there are any misspellings, I was banging sigma bike computer not showing speed mom in a Cambodian whorehouse as Where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass wrote this. Calm down, you two. And then you go on bragging about your education? Nguoi My: What exactly is wjere that makes cycling so horrible for conservatives which I also consider myself to be — the European brand however?

What is so manly an desirable of doing the shortest commute in, say, a Ford F instead of riding a bicycle? That waste of resources natural and monetary is undesirable should be common sense also for the most die-hard American conservative.

And what is it that com;uter sitting in a soft, cushy car seat stepping on a gas pedal more manly than using your muscles to propel yourself? I know the sort of white people ridiculed here, though. Austria here not Australia, my dear Americans has them too.

And other bikf care less about being cool and just use the damn bike. And the car, if need be. This liberal vs. I have nothing against bicycles. The are healthy, economical when not purchased for fad fulfillmentand can sometimes be a dmbass commute, assuming there is proper bicycle infrastructure for the commute.

Feb 10, - White people also like Mountain Bikes because it lets them be in nature. .. Ya know where I always see stupid white people is at the grocery store and at They have chosen bike riding because any activity involving a ball or That leaves me with no water bottle, no helmet, no cycling computer, and.

What I and most all motor vehicles drivers have against bicycles are their inappropriate use on the motor vehicle roadways. They are not designed for cj and hungs house of trikes and bikes vehicle roadways.

They impede traffic, and their usage on motor vehicle roadways have made them the number one cause of injury accidents in the USA. It illustrates how bicycles are used for liberal green politics in the USA. Also, if you read between the lines, at the things they tell bicyclists dujbass to do, it shows even more clearly the thinking of liberal bicyclists.

Look at it ths way: Critical Mass, oh well. You are lucky that you have good public transport. In the USA, all public facilities have bikee the exclusive domain of the products of liberal social engineering. A mini-car made by Toyota that gets 38mpg.

What I really wish is that we would take schaeffer farms mountain bike trail serious look at how the South Africans are dealing with the totally predictable results after their legitimate government was crushed by global liberalism:.

One more point. In Kobe, Japan. School children are not allowed to ride bicycles to school because the schools have concluded that they are too dangerous. At least someone has a clue…. Great, Japan. Good job. First you go on about social engineering and then you cite this as a positive example? A school choosing for its pupils which means of transport they have where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass use? And prohibit them from getting some exercise? Why not do something about road safety for cyclists i.

To think of my grandfather cycling to work 30km thd back every day. While anyone is free to use their car in whichever way they bloody well please, just use some common sense every once in a while, people. The critics of the article need to find a sense of humor and learn to enjoy satire.

A hopeless suggestion for these clinchpoops, but… I tried. LOL I saw this site on http: The biggest problem I have with these bikes is the whole annoying image that goes along where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass it. I would be afraid to operate a car. Just barely touch the gas pedal and it goes fast. My bike does the job just fine. Dumbasss be able to travel a hundred kilometers 62 miles or more on muscle power alone is enough to convince me that I will never need a car.

Our muscles have served us for millennia, and we have the nerve to find them inadequate? I ride a bike because I cannot afford a car. I immediately found out I actually enjoy riding a bike.

Actually, I knew even before I began that I would enjoy it. It has been my primary means of transportation for over twenty years, and will continue to be for many more years. I have a Wal-Mart Mongoose computef, and it started to fall apart after only two weeks, when the right pedal broke off. Four months later, the rear wheel fell apart. Both the store and the manufacturer were sued and the bikes recalled.

However this was only a couple of years ago so you might have a point. They claim to be the least paid profession, then no teacher wants to spend 6 mos. What do these elite liberals want us to be like: Best wishes for a future right-wing fascist America, since a left-wing socialist America is deemed harmful to democracy. In Europe, a liberal wants more capitalistic style economics and more cash in their wallets…and their social democracy is open to reform whenever needed.

It only took yrs. The bike not having brakes is part of the image. Sure there are some dickheads who where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass fixed but that goes with most genres of riding; mostly roadies. I think its funny how my roommates triathlon bike is worth more than fule car. Shere thing though- you cant pick up chicks at the club with a really expensive bicycle unless you have a really big basket, which automatically rules out best action camera for still photi under 5 bikes.

He lives in a manufactured home and drives a piece of crap ford. That kind of thinking is more common than not in the rainbow sanctuary state I currently live in. Gotta be really sad to rely on a car to pick up chicks, those are normally the shallow plastic bimbos to avoid. They drive recklessly on trails nearly hitting people, screaching around in their over-priced metal cages with rubber.

A pipe with a freshly packed bowl is passed around. Then a cyclist named Chris arrives with a brand-new Fuji spec bike. Someone asks if he can give it a test ride, and starts doing tricks on it. Nearby, another group including Hansel Echeverria fondly recounts the epic party they threw last weekend: There's a certain air of celebrity about Nyrah and Neu York, and their presence has tensed the mood somewhat. Nyrah says it's because they're like the "Brad and Angelina" of the underground cycling world.

Like Willo, the couple has developed a virtual following where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass social media — people recognize them in computrr shops, she says, and ask for autographs.

And Nyrah is only the second woman to show up to tonight's Kushtown ride. The urban cycling world is dominated by men, although there are some all-female groups such as S. Not only is he a fast cyclist but he's also a mixed martial arts fighter. Nyrah is Vittoria carbon composite cycling shoes gray and lives in Koreatown.

At 26, she has two kids, wheree and 5, from a previous relationship. Growing up was tough. She was kicked out of one high school because of her bad attitude, and moved to an all-girls ln school across the street from MacArthur Park.

They would search our hair. There were metal detectors. We had to take our socks off, move our bra around.

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She began riding in on Taco Tuesday party rides; as she discovered a talent for racing, she helped found the Gorilla Smash Squad racing team. Outside of working for a trucking company, it's become her primary focus. They don't understand my weird tan lines and battle scars. Neu York, george washington bridge bike path, also races for Gorilla Smash Squad and works as an assistant at a bicycle shop.

Born in L. He has plenty of battle scars; his ears are cuffed from years of boxing, and from cycling — as Nyrah puts it — "he's missing a piece of his butt" from a crash onto hot gravel. Neu York is a fierce competitor who remembers his own turning point: In one of his first races, the winners were rested and smoking cigarettes by the time he crossed the finish line.

It was embarrassing. Where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass certainly isn't the case now. When the other Kushtown riders see Neu York, they know the second half of the ride back to Koreatown is going to be fast. The ride takes off, a phalanx of flashing bike lights rolling down Vermont toward Jefferson, taking up both lanes on the right.

OAAAH l BMX BMX THATS ONE UIE RUSTY HUB Tag someone whose bike needs a bit of TLC like this one! (sorry about the lack of nips guys n gals!).

Allowing cars to pass is not a common courtesy, and from the "fuck you" salvos the riders get from drivers and a few guys outside liquor stores, it's apparent they're a known menace.

Some of the riders respond with sing-songy "fuck yous! One cyclist skids in and out between plastic traffic dividers in the middle of the road. As the ride digs deeper into South L. Riders whoop and crack jokes above the rushing air. Neu York murray ultra terrain mountain bike himself in the front where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass the pack.

He looks relaxed — perhaps because his chief rival, Willo, isn't there. As online ranking systems become more sophisticated, and riders develop followings on Instagram, there is pressure to be on top.

Finding out who's fastest is as easy as clicking on the latest race statistics. While Willo has been fastest in the past, crowned champion in 's Unified Title Series, recently Neu York has been turning heads; ie April he won the Beast of the East crit for where is the bmx file in the computer bmx bike dumbass fourth time fie. Willo actually might deny that. It was Willo's first trip to Europe, all on the dime of his sponsors and team Wolfpack Hustle.

Even with the sponsorship, "hustle" is a good way to describe Willo's lifestyle. That left him enough money to provide for his family while he took time off from his work as an electrician. Neu York brushes off his rival with some fighting how to make a timelapse from photos. It's the sudden-elimination rounds at last year's Wolfpack Thee competition in Huntington Park, brief, intense races lasting less than 30 seconds.

Willo feels determined to put in a good showing; in Barcelona he didn't do as well as he'd hoped, placing 38th out of riders. Neu York, Willo and Nyrah have all placed in the top eight men and women. But Nyrah is knocked out in the third round. And although it had seemed likely that Neu York and Willo would race one another directly, Neu York is unexpectedly eliminated after a bad start, finishing sixth. It takes only 22 seconds to determine the race winner, but when Willo returns from the finish line, he's smiling anyway.

That's whassup!! Governor Dan Patrick. As America continues cumbass embarrassing freakout over the rights of trans people to use public restrooms in peace, down in the Lone Star State, Dan Patrick has come out swinging this week.

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Trustee Judy Needham told the paper that "The community should have gotten the opportunity to speak. Hot take: People who don't understand the difference between the words "transgender" and "opposite sex" are literally arguing about issues that don't exist. That used to be called common sense. My kids go to a public school full of straight, gay, bisexual, questioning and trans students.

Their transgender classmates are not predators.

News:Horse Cycles Urban Tour Project Touring Bicycles, Touring Bike, Road Bikes, Cycling Bikes "All the cool of a fixie, without the dumbass-ness of a fixie. . I'm up in Portland to document the Vanilla Workshop Build-Off bikes and hang out in town .. If you decide to go full-on gnar, the Bikepacking Rig may be your best bet.

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