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Dec 26, - iMovie for iOS is Apple's free mobile editing app available on the from camera's like the Panasonic GH4 (and soon, GH5!) with ease! Swipe up over a selected clip to create a freeze frame which lasts for 2 seconds by default. To fade your audio in and out in iMovie for iPhone & iPad, tap to select a clip.

Importing media into iMovie 10

You can select only a portion of a clip that you actually want to play in your movie by cropping it — shortening it either at the camrea or at the end or both — and deleting the unwanted portions of the clip. You can undo the previous 10 steps. This is not an iMovie-specific trick.

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Cmd-Z always means Undo in Macintosh applications. On Windows, Ctrl-Z does the same thing. To crop a clip, first make sure the Mode button on the left is in editing mode by clicking on the icon on the right that looks like a pair of scissors.

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Notice that a blue scrubber bar appears just below the Monitor area where the clip is displayed. And on the top of tge scrubber bar is a small gray inverted triangle, marking a point in the clip. This triangle is called the Playhead. These are what you use to crop your video.

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Click on the right crop marker triangle and drag best mountain bike trails in florida to the point where you want the clip to stop.

The Playhead also will move to that point in your timeline. Now click on the left crop marker triangle and drag it to the point where you want your clip to start. Again the playhead will move to that point. The blue parts of your clip on either end will be deleted the media for this clip is still on the camera imovie will disappear this is another good reason for copying your camerq into the Medka Viewer instead of just moving them there, so you still have the original clip intact cilp the Shelf.

Also notice that any clips that are on either side of the clip you cropped also have moved in to butt up against the cropped clip and preserve a continuous timeline. Then click in the scrubber bar on the right crop marker triangle and drag it to the end point of the portion of the clip you want to delete.

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The Playhead triangle will move to that thf in your timeline. Now click on the left crop marker triangle and drag it to the beginning point of the portion of the clip you want to delete.

Again the Playhead will move to that point.

Introduction to Basic Editing in iMovie

This yellow part is the portion of the clip that you want to delete. For example, if you take out the middle of Clip No. Click on the point where you want to divide the clip.

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The clip splits into two clips in the Timeline. Now in the Timeline select the clip you want to medi, and either press the delete key on your keyboard or in the menu at the top of the screen select Edit…Cut.


You can also use this method of splitting a clip to insert a transition in the middle of a clip or add a title to only a portion of a clip. Or you can use this method to split a clip in two so you can move one segment to another section of your movie. If you want to grab a single frame from your video to use as a still photo in order to use the picture on a University of alabama bike helmets page, for examplein the Playhead to the frame you want to select.

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In the dialog box that comes up, type in a name for the frame and select the folder into which you want to save it. If sti,l want to use a single frame from a video clip in your movie — in effect freezing the motion on a particular image as your movie plays — you can grab a still frame from a clip.

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To do that, move the Playhead to the frame you want to use. Then in the menu at the top select Edit…Create Still Frame.

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The still frame will appear on the Shelf. By default, iMovie will create a imovke frame that is 5 seconds in duration in other words, the same frame or picture will be displayed for 5 seconds in a movie. Drag the still frame from the Shelf to the Viewer just as you would a video clip to add it to the Timeline.

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Once in the Timeline, you can change the duration of the still frame by editing it with the crop markers, just as you would edit a video clip. You can adjust the overall volume of the audio in a video clip.

Or you can make the audio level change many times within a single clip.

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Make sure the audio sound box to the far right of the track for the clip is checked the sound boxes are underneath a tiny speaker icon. An unchecked sound box mutes the audio. If you wish for a transition to appear within a clip, you must go back and caera it as two separate clips.

You can add title text to any clip in your movie and can customize its appearance.

automatically transfer the video clips from the camera or manually deselect clips A drop down arrow next to the icon will allow you to choose different video behave like an MOV file, the video and audio are still encoded as Windows Media.

Click Titles from the Content Library to open a selection of titles in the Browser. To preview a title, slide your mouse across the title option to preview it in the Viewer. To add a title to your movie, click and drag the title you have selected from the Browser to the point where the media for this clip is still on the camera imovie want it to appear in your Timeline. To preview a map or background, slide your mouse across the map or background option to preview it in the Viewer.

To add a map or background to your movie, click and drag the map or background that you have selected from the Browser to the point where you want it to appear in your Timeline. If you want to add multiple files, highlight all the files at once and drag them into the timeline.

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Not Helpful 6 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. What version of iMovie does this work with? I have '08 and it doesn't have a "media" tab. Answer this question Flag as Flag as I want to move some of my videos jmovie of my working space because I am starting to work on something completely different.

Is there a way to move them to a file?

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What do I do if the videos don't show up just the photos? When I import clips, each one is only one second long, so there are a million of them.

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How cli; I make each importer clip longer, like 15 seconds, so that there aren't so many? I plugged in my camera, but it's not being recognized. What can I do to fix this?

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. A one-hour recording will take about 20 mins to transfer.

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When the import is done you can close the import window. The imported video will be in the lower part of the screen.

iMovie Glitch: Unplug Removable Media before Using iMovie | Jerz's Literacy Weblog (est. )

Drag the selected video to the designated project area in the upper part of the screen. In the next Save Exported File As window, name the new movie imovis to actor name and take number. Make sure your file name ends with the extension. Also check to see where the file will be saved.

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This will come in handy when you need to upload a bunch of actors and their audition takes. Then, next to the Export: Movie to Rhis Movie pull down menu, click the Options button. You'll see the Movie Settings window.

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Under 'Video', click Settings. In 'Compression Type: Slide the Quality pointer over to Best. Then, click OK. Select X VGA. Click the box next to Deinterlace Source Video.

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Click OK. Under 'Sound', click on Settings.

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Next to Target Bit Rate choose 32 in the dropdown menu. Then click on OK button. Select the clip you want to edit or crop in the clip area to the right of the iMovie window.

News:The first thing you need to do when iMovie opens is to create a new movie by going to a “New Event” make sure that “iMovie Library” is selected the menu on the left Click >File >Import Media and then select the camera you want to import.

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