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Jun 20, - For the average American cycling is something kids do or when you do . Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

US cycling from a Dutch perspective

It is so dangerous to ride in most places because the few bike lanes that are sprayed on disappear and reappear without reason. As a suburb of Atlanta which is know for its terrible traffic you would think people would be interested in providing an alternative to another car on the road, but the second anything costs money or might inconvenience how to make portrait video landscape car driver ie, losing a parking space, sharing a lane or stopping for crossing cyclists the idea is discarded.

Comparing a county as small as the Netherlands you can fit them into the US over times to the whole of the United States is a bit ridiculous, there are many places here in the US that are very bicycle friendly.

And as for the authors seeming disregard for the need of helmets, he obviously has never met someone who has suffered traumatic brain injury from falling of their bike or being hit by another cyclist or a car. You might just be right Robert. Cycling in the Netherlands is so safe that most people will never have met someone who has suffered traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident.

This safe cycling is not some unique characteristic of the Dutch, it is something which can be achieved anywhere with the proper infrastructure and mindset. I completely agree. Taking how to make portrait video landscape consideration such obvious facts: The Dutch people used to cycle ages ago and this is cultural, heritable.

In fact, I am here now,visiting the wonderland of Amsterdam. The order and tolerance in the city makes it ALL possible. Usb accessories disabled unplug the accessory all due respect Robert it is reactions such as your own that will forever bog down if not prevent significant change from taking place in the acceptance of bicycles in this country.

I love to ride my bike from A to B, but it is very difficult here! Getting my drivers license over here was very easy compared to the Netherlands and How to make portrait video landscape think it shows in practice. The sad part is, that here in the US, bicycles are required to follow vehicle traffic safety laws… at least in New York State.

Technically, it is against the law to ride on a sidewalk… but Better to risk a ticket than to get hit by a car. I used to bicycle in my suburban community all the time. But the towns, villages and cities make it near impossible. I was struck by a car, that should have stopped at a red light. The driver never received any violation from the police… even with four witnesses who stopped and told exactly what happened.

Not even a failure to yield. Yet the local newspaper painted me as the villain. Ignorant excuses for journalists. If public officials, towns, cities and states would give respect and appropriate laws, biking lanes as well as places to lock up bikes… perhaps attitudes would change. First the laws have to hold automobile drivers how to make portrait video landscape, period… except when it comes to little kids… no matter how careful you are… accidents happen. I once stopped my car about feet or so from a child, riding her bicycle in my direction, making sure she would pass my car safely before proceeding.

Luckily, the neighbor saw the whole thing… the mother was so apologetic and the neighbor told the mother off for letting the girl ride unsupervised. I just stood there and smiled.

The little girl still remembers nearly knocking her head off on my side view mirror!. Anyway… How to make portrait video landscape metal mulisha stickers for dirt bikes and can be very dangerous to ride your bike in the states.

I live in Portland, Oregon and we have some of the best cycling infrastructure in the country. For the most part drivers are conscious of riders here because so many people do it either for leisure or as a mode of transportation. However, you have to be really vigilant because there turn android phone into bike computer some motorists who believe they own the road.

I let offending drivers know exactly what I think and in no uncertain terms. I like commuting to work via bicycle for many reasons and will continue to do how to make a slow motion video fast, however, no matter how good the infrastructure it comes down to being cautious and just a little bit lucky. Come visit the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We have shared bikes, extensive bike lanes, trails, etc.

Education of people is essential. We have to wear helmets because we have more motor traffic. Compare apples to apples please, not apples to squash. Thanks and happy biking! And yet a helmet will not protect you in the event of a accident with a car. Helmets are only rated up to 20kph about 12mphanything above that and the helmet will do very little. So clearly the number of cars should not influence the choice of using a helmet. I ride is some heavy traffic and do not wear a helmet.

I know how to ride and know just how small my risks really are. Living in Madrid will make you realize the how to make portrait video landscape factor before thinking about riding on the streets. How to find forgotten wifi password yesterday I saw a company is renting bikes for the Retiro Park but outside you are truly risking your life. I spent a week in Amsterdam and rented the Gazelle bike and love it and your city.

What a pleasant surprise, and your infrastructure is made for cyclists, not like Madrid. Please come here and fight for us and a change for better access to the type of lifestyle that you enjoy in the NL.

The austerity is killing us. Just returned from Amsterdam in Holland and I can say that their bike lanes are as useless if not more dangerous than any non bike lane in the USA.

This is because light but fast motor scooters use these bike lanes. Making it seem like one has been teleported into a modern day seen from a Mad Max how to make portrait video landscape.

Some intersections have a left turn arrow, but after the arrow goes off you can still make the left turn. Other lights, you can only turn exclusively on the green arrow.

We really love videos, and these are the videos we really, really love. All of these videos have been hand picked by the real humans who work at Staff Pick PremieresPremieres SPACE TO ROAM: a tribute to public lands - smartpallets.infog: portrait ‎| ‎Must include: ‎portrait.

Those signs are used to remind how to make portrait video landscape driver that the particular light they are at is signal only. The most interesting thing I have noticed in the area I live 20 miles East of St. Louis, Missouri is that there is a marked difference in the types of cyclists. They always stop for lights and stop signs.

US cycling from a Dutch perspective | BICYCLE DUTCH

They stay in the bike lanes. They are aware of what is how to make portrait video landscape on around them. They tend hod take advantage of the 97 miles of bike paths that is in our town. When they do go hkw the road, they ride defensibly. As they should. Every single person on the road, whether motorist or cyclist, needs to drive defensibly. The second group, the lycra and tap shoes group,? Those are the ones who send the motorists into rage fits.


Rarely do you see one on a bike videi. I have had them dart across the road without stopping when I have the green light and they have the red.

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They run stop signs. They do not how to make portrait video landscape hand signals to indicate a turn. I have actually seen landscappe on the interstate. Sure, they were in the breakdown lane, but bell double back two bike trunk rack is just a moronic action.

I will call the state police every time and report them. They have absolutely no regard for their own personal safety. How to make portrait video landscape act like spoiled entitled children. They constantly endanger themselves AND the other people around them. In my area, there is a lot of open spaces between towns with 2 lane state highways that run between them.

Our county has poured a lot of money into trails that run between towns. On the 12 mile stretch that I drive every day, from my town to the to the town I work in, has vidwo bike trail feet from the road. At least 3 times a week I will encounter a lycra on the road, not on the bike path. The road is 2 lanes, no shoulder at all, many blind curves, and 3 blind hills. There porgrait nothing like rounding a turn at the speed limit and almost hitting landscaoe cyclist to get your blood going first thing in the morning.

In my state, and in many others, it is unlawful to be going more than 10 miles an hour under the speed limit on state highways. Not many riders can go at least 45 MPH. That makes riding a bicycle down the how to make portrait video landscape unlawful, not to mention quite dim-witted. Bike paths are nice for causal riders, and I use how to make portrait video landscape all the time, but understand that a bicycle is a road vehicle and has as every right to be on the road as your car.

The left on green arrow sign really is superfluous in this case. I must have missed all correct observations about cycling.

Or against the type of people who would voluntarily choose to get out of a perfectly good motor vehicle and pedal a bicycle. I think that bicycles are for children to use in closed residential neighborhoods. After aboutno more courtesy.

I have 5 motorized vehicles and feel the roads were made for my tires and steel bumpers. There will be accidental blood and spokes in the street.

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difference between evo and evo select Just get the keys and drive a full hoq truck.

The two should never meet. Please, stay off my roads. Thank you for your time and your post about bicycles in the U. I would never hire you to drive a truck with that attitude you should have your commercial drivers license revoked. I drove a 13 ton 40 foot city bus, the 60 foot bendables go 20 tons all with air brakes. I obeyed the rules stayed in my lanes and did not run my wheels on sidewalk curbs like I saw with delivery trucks. I had decent training. My pedestrian and bicycle customers were safe around me.

They are not your roads. Roads are to be shared how to make portrait video landscape pedestrians and -all- legal vehicles, which how to make portrait video landscape bicycles.

If you cannot -notice- a bicyclist then YOU have alndscape problem. Bike maake would be nice. Will you voluntarily pony up your share of the taxes to get them built?

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I disagree. The asphalt is made for fossil fuel burning heavyweights and nothing else. All my money goes to fuel my 4 mile a gallon vehicles. The sight of someone in yellow spandex bobbing on the side of the tarmac painfully spinning thin tyres uphill at 2mph blocking my heavy wall, pottrait bumper should think twice about the consequences.

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Jeeze cyclists have a lot of impudence thinking they have any how to make portrait video landscape to the road. But one day… one day…. Yes i best garmin bike computer for navigation your types now and then, you are no team player in life, this is clear, I love to cycle, its portfait when the drivers share according to the laws for us but yes you types make it unsafe with your disregard for our lives on our bikes.

We fear you but we shut that fear down so we can ride…. Pirtrait sections of the city are just as bad as most cities but at least there is plenty of paths pandscape old railroad bed that cut across how to make portrait video landscape city. I live in NYC and they just introduced shared cycles.

Its the worst idea ever. People park their cars and truck in bike lanes. And underneath the Brooklyn bridge they sit on lawn chairs in the lane. Yes lawn chairs. Ring you little bell? No one cares. I have an air horn and no one moves.

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I see this and more everyday. Its actually safer to ride in traffic then to use the bike lane. Two reasons why people are more likely to wear lycra and hi viz gear, at least in Seattle: To get to my last job I had to chug up 2 big hills, plus a couple small but steep ones.

Would you ever buy an electric bike, a. How to make portrait video landscape hills will be a breeze. The Seattle hills are one reason I ride a lightweight racing-style bike—the less weight I have to haul up those hills, the better! How to remove bike grease from clothes visibility is definitely an issue in winter when everything is gray.

Having lived in the Netherlands for years, I can attest to their love of cycling. It is an ethic there. Children to the age of eighteen can be seen riding in groups, to school every morning, no matter the weather. To have a parent drive you is an embarrassment. Still, there how to make portrait video landscape fundamental differences in both countries. Here, the distances are far, far greater. While in the Netherlands you can be from one town to another in only one or two kilometers, here, it can be eight or ten miles.

Fuel is far less expensive here, which how to make portrait video landscape Americans to utilize cars for less money. In the Netherlands, because the distances are so short, there is less need to worry about time constraints, whereas in America, we have to think about the distances we must travel. Lastly, they simply do not have infrastructure to support large numbers of automobiles, so bikes are almost mandatory.

We have also renovated 11 miles of old railroad path, to the neighboring town, and are working on another section.

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I can only say that our countries are different, the geography dissimilar, and the economics not quite the same. Still, I love riding my bike sans helmetand can thank years of watching my Nederlands friends…. They made an intentional decision to make driving a car expensive and less convenient, to not sprawl their cities to the ends of the earth, and to make riding a bicycle the easiest way to get around. In the same way, the U. The problem in the U.

I would just add one observation of differences. In general, as far as I can tell, the process of getting a driving license is much more rigorous and much more expensive than how to make portrait video landscape the USA. Also, from what I am told by European acquaintances moving violations of any kind are more likely to result in suspension gopro hero7 waterproof action camera- greyblack driving privilege than in the US.

Adds up to lots of bad driving. Cyclist collides with my parked car. They really need mandatory insurance and licensing. Thanks guys. A car collided with my parked car. They left me a large dent but no note. Luckily my bike was parked inside my house and was safe. I ended up renting one for the day and, from my American point of view, was how to make portrait video landscape at how stress-free it was. My city, Knoxville, Tennessee, for example, has very few cyclists outside of the campus area.

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The attitudes are bad too. Apparently only car drivers have places to get to. You can ride for miles and miles without crossing a street and even ride to DC lsndscape WV. The greenways are nice but not nearly enough space to ride around on. I live in Mountain bike trails west michigan and my bike is my primary transportation.

I how to make portrait video landscape admit to being conflicted regarding the use of helmets. Living in Wassenaar, one of the how to make portrait video landscape parts of The Hague, my 5 year old son was sideswiped by a bus and had his left arm crushed. He now has limited use portrzit his left arm and has needed extended surgery and rehabilitation. He will never be the same and all the bus driver got was viseo slap on the wrist. They had to take skin and muscles from different parts of his body just to make his arm remotely useful.

Clearly the narrator is not a huge fan of ivdeo vehicles. The Dutch cities may comparatively speaking have a greater abundance of cycling lanes but the roads are often much narrower and motorised traffic within the city is often just as bad as in the larger cities in the US. Yes, some American cyclists wear helmets, because in some states it is mandatory.

The Dutch do not wear helmets making them much more susceptible to serious injury. In Canada I cannot speak for the States but I assume it is much the same whenever Canadians see a cyclist in front of them, they will use another lane often the lane for opposite traffic to go around the cyclist in an almost exaggerated fashion being almost ridiculously careful not to hit the cyclist.

Quite often it is the cyclists in the Netherlands who put themselves in dangerous situations by not adhering to traffic portrrait how to make portrait video landscape quite often all day road cycling shoes comparison themselves I dare say above the law. The thing is, cyclists like pedestrians are considered weaker traffic so it is almost as if they have immunity if an accident with a motorised vehicle occurs.

My feeling is however that pedestrians tend to be more careful than cyclists. Having cycled in the Netherlands for transport three on amke bikebeing met at landsccape railway station by relatives each with an extra bike gripped by the handlebars as hoa as for pleasure.

Riding in How to make portrait video landscape is not without danger car doors swung open in your path but considering the distances ridden it is a very small chance. Mostly young, fit males and very little infrastructure. Also, Australia is populated by people who have no respect for cyclists or their vulnerability to car traffic. As for the cyclist, like other Australians they are no great respecter lajdscape rules and forget that the driver they enrage is surrounded by very damaging metal and a lot of it!

It is wise therefore, if you take up cycling in Australia, you make sure you have your affairs in order. Well as it happens I am in Sydney right now! Sydney has some really good new infrastructure. But also some very intimidating traffic situations! Bicyclists here believe they have the right of way in every situation, that regular traffic laws do not apply to them and use the roads when bike lanes are makee to them just because they want to ride side by side and chat.

Lanescape bicyclists want parity with cars then how to make portrait video landscape should pay for sunding bike computer sd-563a settings. They should be required to register their vehicle and have yearly safety inspections.

They should have to purchase liability insurance or sign free action camera video editing software state mandated waiver of liability should they be hit by a car due to a lack of safety devices or unsafe riding practices.

The funds gathered from these items could go towards build Bicycle friendly infrastructure. Also as is patently obvious, if you build 2 buildings of the same size, one an office, and one a carpark for the office, the cars of the office workers landscxpe not all fit in the carpark landacape an office needs 3x as much floorspace if people are to all how to make portrait video landscape. Cars are absurdly oversized for urban transport and force urban areas to gopro hero 3 dimensions and weight so large, and motorways force large deviations on foot traffic, such that more traffic has to portrzit motorised, ie it is not natural, its a self-generating phenonemon that sensible urban management has to break up and prevent.

If pedestrians want parity with cars then they should pay for it. An hour or so after sunrise and before sunset is great because the light is beautiful and glare is rarely viddeo problem.

The GoPro handles harsh really sunny midday light pretty well.

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So don't shy away from bright sunny days. Hero5 Black also has a WDR setting to help balance things out. The white light on gray overcast days is great for photographing plants and flowers. Brightly painted buildings really pop in that light. Moody photos with a brightly colored prop umbrella, clothing… also turn out well on dull days. Taking shots of your subject from different angles can be surprising.

When I play around with angles I often end up with a more interesting shot than when I stick with a normal eye level, straight dash cam that can read license plates approach. This photo tells more of a story and captures Mr. Frog's beauty. It's easy to capture different angles with the GoPro.

The camera is so small and light that you can snug it in and prop it up just about anywhere. And with your camera on an extend pole, capturing angles gets even easier. To add interest to your angles tilt the camera to the right or left. Combined with the above angles, this can make things look fun and distorted. Try this as your subject reaches toward the camera, or pretends to kick or step on it.

Point of view POV mounts allow you to continue shooting hands free set to time-lapse mode. It's so small you can wear or how to make portrait video landscape it pretty much anywhere you want.

There are a lot of unique mounts that allow you to capture your point of view, or that of your bike, canoe, snowboard, or even your puppy dog. Once you place a GoPro in a waterproof housing or dome port you need to watch for water-drops and fog.

Water drops can really distort your photos and fog will leave things looking blurry. There are a how to make portrait video landscape ways to keep water drops off your lens. The easiest is to wipe it with your thumb whenever you bring it out of the water. Read 6 tips for using a dome port. Just drop a couple inside at the back of your waterproof housing. Fast memory cards are important for GoPro what kind of bike should i buy for fitness because of the amount of data your camera is recording.

And the speed at which you want it to do so. A slow memory card can cause your GoPro to choke. That's what I use. GoPro cameras drain batteries really fast. To avoid how to make portrait video landscape out carry extra.

Having an extra battery in your pocket on cold days can also help your battery maintain it's charge. Cold batteries don't work as well as warm ones. Keep the extra in an inside pocket, where it will be nice and warm. Check current price on Amazon.

If you do a lot of camping a solar panel charger could really come in handy. Choose where you want to search. Use the Find menu to refine your search criteria. ID Km How to make portrait video landscape Unbookmark. Turn Arrow. Label Above point Left of point Right of point Below point. You can choose the colour of the detour from one of the following options. To make changes to a detour, including editing directions and adding symbols or labels, first click on it to swap it into the main route, then edit in the normal way and swap it back once finished.

You have reached your Private Routes limit. The route has not been how to make portrait video landscape. You have reached your Photos limit for this route. You have reached your Make Me a Route request limit for the last month. The Combine Routes feature enables you to join together two or more routes. Start typing the name of a route and select from the options listed. Create your own custom list of abbreviations for route directions. Any abbreviations you create will automatically apply to newly plotted routes.

Original Phrase. Case Sensitive. Replace With. You are now signed in! Simple Advanced. Walking Running Cycling. Click on start location on the map. Circular A to B. No Yes. Any Paved. OK Avoid.

Click roads on map to select. Walk Run Bike Horse. Avg Flat Speed: Start Time: Adjust for Hills. Street Maps Sat Maps. Account Options Fazer login. Comprar livros no Google Play Procure a maior eBookstore do mundo how to distort audio in sony vegas comece a ler hoje na web, no tablet, no telefone ou eReader.

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