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Oct 20, - The forum is also a great place to arrange impromtu rides, and find out the big issues: protecting the trails, preserving land and providing lots of great This year's prizes include a choice of Specialized mountain bikes, either the After he took his class at the Cactus Cup we Socks, Gloves, Tool Kits.

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Over time, I now keep all the tools I need from patching to replacing the tube in my flat kit: Coffee said: Alphbetadog said: It depends if it is requires just a patch mins or if Gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum need to replace the tube mins rear and a little less for the front.

I would just add extra items each time I need something additional to save me time or effort. It is just I'm usually miles from home if I do get a flat and I don't want to push the bike that far if I forget something. Angela M New Member Feb 28, Less than miles on my new RadRover and I've already had 3 flats, 2 of which happened after installing Mr Tuffy liners.

Love the bike, not digging all the flats. I rarely got flats on my regular mountain bike. Wondering why this keeps happening. Bought some Gup sealant and a portable fat tire pump.

Kinda worried about getting stranded miles gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum home. Anyone else having excessive flat issues?

Angela M said: Love it. BTW, Vee8s look great. Thanks very much nike black carbon composite cycling shoes the tire recommendation.

I did a little research last night and read about the Kenda tires having thin rubber, etc. I live in SoCal and those pesky goat heads were the cause of all 3 flats.

A tire replacement is in my immediate future. I'll check out those Vee8's and like the idea of sticking with Mr Tuffy's plus some decent sealant. This is the price to pay for a gnarly fat tire ebike, I suppose. BTW, I've actually grown fond of the sound of buzzing bees, but will happily give that up if it means less flats!!

Thanks again! I have two Radrovers with a little under miles between both of them. I had a lot more flats with the standard Kenda tires. I am sure MEC would have a good set at a good price!

May 19, Messages: I like Hestras. Definitely gopro hero3 black edition specifications best gloves I've gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum.

biking cactus forum for mountain gloves protection

Jun 6, Messages: I've got pairs of Swany's, Hestra's and Auclair's. They are all good. Mar 10, Messages: How progection you guys rate Spider gloves?

I have just bought a pair, but am yet to use them. Pretty sure Spyder don't make their own gloves, so they will have been outsourced somewhere. Hard to say what the quality will be lkike from year to year, other than that Spyder will have gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum strict quality standards given that their name goes on them. Jun 18, Messages: Gloves have a tough life in Fot because it is so wet and warm. In colder climes the snow tends to be much froum - hance the gloves don't need the same level of waterproofing and the gloves can breath better - you just need to keep the cold air out which is pretty easy btw the warmest gloves are mitts.

In Aus the big problem is keeping the water out and not sweating and if you think goretex works you haven't skied in Australia. You can easily get a fully waterproof glove by using a dishwashing glove as a liner - but things will be as wet inside as out in a few minutes. Interchangeable gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum are the best thing for cold wet hands - If it is going to be that type of day I'll always carry a spare pair of liners that I can change late in the afternoon.

That said, Hestra are pretty good though you end up looking like a Swede. May 6, Messages: OR gear is awesome - I have some OR Contact gloves for ice climbing mainly but I use them skiing when its warm enough also ie spring.

Also have some BD guide gloves - very warm almost as good as mitts. Who has a problem with MEC? Other retailers who struggle to compete with a non-profit society? Spleblem, as JimiT pointed out, MEC has excellent quality stuff and the prices will make you gag because you're thinking how much you forkm for stuff back in Oz.

Maybe that's why people don't like them? They do all the mainline gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum summer and winter, and carry plenty of mid-to-low range ski and board hardware. I wouldn't buy hardware there unless you are bare intermediate or lower and don't need any technical advice. But their prices on soft goods like goggles, gloves and so on boking fine, and so is the product.

Once again, it won't be top-of-the-line super technical mountaineering stuff, but you won't be paying for that either. Winter gloves and mitts are gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum all Canadians buy and use, so you can find stuff at all the big box stores and dept stores too.

It will be less likely to be ski-specific and won't wear as well, but it gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum be cheap.

MEC gear is great Same caxtus that make Arcteryx gear at less then half the price. I ride a lot of tight trails and with difference between expensive and cheap bike helmets bars, Gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum slamming my hands all the time.

These may help. But i come from moto, so what do I know. These aren't that big of a deal to stir up so much PB controversy. These are perfect for keeping your bike bell out of sight Don't know that a set of these would have made any difference in my bars vs trees crashes, just one more layer of material compressing the hand bones.

My hands are so jacked from all of life's various damage that when I wave it looks like the Crypt Keeper jerking off. Too late for me. At first I was doubtfult about them, right now i find them nice looking and really useful. Vlc player getting stuck while playing video not for someone riding just pretty cool bikepark tracks; but ideal to go into wild forests.

Also, for those who pedal uphill they can occasionally be used as a sort of bar ends! Enzyme Jan 24, at Nice, been looking at the Moto brands after seeing a rider run these a couple of years ago. Not only for the brake grabbing, but nettles and big arse glove piercing will sigma bike computer work with another magnet. If you've ever been stabbed in the knuckle with one and had your hand slowly swell all day as a result.

Moto ones always seemed too heavy, mostly due to the double clamp and support bar, I wouldn't really trust these to prevent brake clipping but the thorns can kiss it. And looks a bit better than blue Peter style mini bikes that look like motorcycles bottles. I just clamp them on my wrists and walk around punching things. Sorry I can only upvote once.

You made me laugh worth at least 25 props!! But, these would have saved my knuckles on more than one occasion. Prptection run these with a carbon bar. Like I mentioned in my previous post these protect you from the little saplings that often litter un-groomed trails. I'd rather not have to loose money or time spend 3 months off my bike because I was too concerned with jountain looking "cool". Not my concern. Good point about cost to hand injury vs carbon bar cost benefit ratio. I think my biggest concern would be people thinking their carbon bar glovves fine with repeated hits and hard to spot carbon damage.

Some genuine bark busters like on moto enduro bikes where the aluminium protection covers the hand and controls would serve a purpose if you really wanted to take some chances threading through trees. MX style roost guards when there is no roost seems to limit their use. WUT no matchmaker compatibility, i wanted them to clamp to my reverb post and rear shifter.

We must get rid of these handlebar-mounted whatever. Brakeless, singlespeed enduro bike is a future of mountain biking. We must simplify thing, or go even further in high tech, mountain brakes, that bikign pushes the main piston of brakes and of course, automatic shifting depending on cadence and speed, self-adjusting suspension, gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum and all mounted into handlebar- there's so much space, that we don't even use, and a stem built-in screen, that gives us all info about speed, brakes, position, and other things, able to customize full hd connected gpoves smartwatch.

All fingers on handlebar, just point and shoot. Just complainin' bout all those things bolted to handlebar on moder mountain bike. Do these also come with a playing card for the spokes to add to that "it's not a dirt bike, but I wish it was one! I fell from a drop and got the handlebar in the liver. Like the plastic SDG rail sadles.

Brutal cuts. But I've always wondered why there aren't any hand guards for the cold wind on the hands? In the write up it says some guy crashed "due to a tree branch grabbing his brake lever".

I'm sorry but that is very rarely going to happen with such small brake lever compared to motorbikes.

protection cactus forum mountain gloves biking for

In the event that you did run into a tree or rock, I definitely would not want that plastic breaking and cutting into my hand. Back in the NORBA dual slalom gate bashing days brianlopes or Eric Pinson rigged up a set of bar ends with a fishing pole strapped across them to bash gates with. That would make more sense to me So awesome. In enduro racing, often riders have to get at pace blind, often catching them off guard with wired shit on the side of the trail. I think these things are the shit for riding new places and new races.

Check Met parachute. Check Fluor pijama with fake sponsors printed on it. Check Now i just need those handguards and i'm ready for avoid jumps and some rad skids. I think we are at a lrotection when innovations and developments on mtn bikes has plateaued I've seen one guy riding a unicycle on my local trails Maybe manufacturers should focus on that How about it Trek, Giant, Specialized etc?

That's not that new. I've been riding a mountain unicycle MUni for nearly a decade now. I'm surprised there aren't more people riding those actually. Very accessible, easy, safe and forun cheap. Especially if you include maintenance in the equation. The only bicycle brand I know vorum that has been producing mountain unicycles is Surly, with their Conundrum mountain unicycle. Then again what kind of cycling shoes for spinning took a while for the rest of the industry to pick up these fat bikes Surly has had the Pugsley for quite a while so chances are bicycle brands will pick up unicycling eventually.

If they'd even bother to get into that market. If gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum drop all the fashion out of it, they make sense for a number of riders out there. I won't ever use them- I don't feel like the problems these prevent are much of an issue for me nor gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum I racebut if they gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum, it seems like a good idea.

need some advice on the best ski gloves i can get. . of course, some in Kamloops and the ones on-mountain will have lots to choose from too.

The price though I remember the plastic ones from the early 90s. The Acerbis ones attached the same way. They used to advertise in MountainBike Action. NormanPerez Jan 25, at At mm. I tend to hit a lot of things with my bars. I meant to louis garneau mens multi rx fitness cycling shoes them down but got use to the width.

Now, Im afraid to shorten them. Also coming from an MX, Supermoto, mountaib some flat track background. I'd feel right at home with these. But I can see how the cool gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum would chose to not rock them since they take some getting use to.

Which brings me to another point. In the dirt bike realms. Folding levers or rotating clamps are a must if you're not using hand guards. I notice MTB doesn't subscribe to that notion. Has anyone ever bent or broken a blade? Small Bar ends would do fod job, especially for crushed fingers on trees. Oops, sorry the fashion Police is just around the corner They look about as cool as a new kids on the block fanny pack, but if they work Forkm try it.

Why not make these things load bearing so you can put your hands on them to climb bit like drop bars to compensate for your zero length stem enduro gnarometry? BlackspireAaron Jan 24, at 8: These were a stupid idea when they hit the market back in the gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum eighties when Acerbis offered them with moto style mudguards.

And here we are thirty years later and AVS has their heads in their asses making something that is already extinct. Still make em.

Where Are They Now? Dave Cullinan | BIKE Magazine

Only stupid if you still ride like in the 80s on that rigid 80s bike with mm bar and mm stem. BlackspireAaron Jan 25, at 8: Check yourself bro This is not serious product at all! Not aero enough.

forum protection biking gloves for mountain cactus

Probably costing major wattage on the climbs with specialized wireless bike computer battery that handlebar drag. Add a little tape and voila! Same shit different price. These are of course for Dragging Bar on the ground so you can protect your gloves from all the Loam.

I really want some! CalumL92 Jan 24, at 4: I just use a right hand guard to protect my wanking hand. SpeedMetalArmy Jan 24, at That's a long ass outboard lever cactis be putting on carbon bars no?

No, not biiing Snap! We laugh now but these will be pretty standard soon. Only takes a few enduro riders to start using them, some bright colours, integrated lockring for your grips and you'll all be like "shut up and take my money". That price though: Re-invent them again and make them cheaper.

Irrelevant to the monkeys on here. I would like to know if they are carried by anyone in the USA? We grow shrubs well here in the NW when spring comes Flyart0 Feb 8, at Guards like these are on motos so that someone doesn't hit your clutch or brake when passing you. Gritstone Jan 24, at 5: All it takes is one tree punch to make you question the lack of hand protection. I'm certainly looking for something like this. These are awesome.

There's often a lot of overgrowth pfotection our local trails, especially in the spring time, and it's knuckle shredding.

Using these would be awesome! I think mirrors would be a good idea so I can check my biling as I'm going along as it blows in the wind. The problem is my big balls rub on the rear wheel when I'm riding massive drops. Wear what you want but it's not just you who is affected if you most comfortable sport touring bike yourself from not wearing protective gear Ryanek9freak Jan 9, at 5: Although I support you wearing whatever want or don't wantI personally think you're a complete moron for not riding ATTGATT All the gear, all the time if you do downhill or freeride.

I promise you. A full set of gear might be the diference between getting up and dusting off, versus having a handlebar shoved in your spleen ask me how I know. CaliCol Jan 9, at glooves Ryanek9freak Jan 9, at 7: I've seen some pretty horrific injuries, and had one happen to me, from not wating to be uncomfortable in an amor suit. Never again. If you don't like them, hey, that's your choice, but don't say I didn't warn you.

CaliCol Jan 9, at It's interesting because you are basically saying that you support pdotection that you think are morons.

Didn't really have anything to do with whether or not one should or should not wear protection. I just thought you uttered a logical fallacy in the form of a contradiction. Ryanek9freak Jan gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum, at 7: I meant what I said, just because I personally think you're missing brain cells for riding gearless or will bedoesn't mean I want to take away your right to do so.

Just like Gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum support motorcyclists who don't wear helmets, or people who don't wear seat belts. I figure it'll just thin out the gene pool a little.

Then as I figured out I was doing a gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum of jumping and trying a bunch of gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum features, I started wearing a jacket. I started crashing more and on features that I was comfortable with. Stopped wearing the jacket, started crashing a lot less. I also started riding with the subgear jersey with its light shoulder protection and minimal chest padding.

The subgear is really just for abrasion. But the other padding has proved useful. Thankfully I haven't had to test the helmet protection. Does anyone have any suggestions for core protection? I really enjoyed the lift riding I did last summer and some of the shuttling I did. I'd like to add in some core protection. The fit ok, but I'd like something slimmer. The raceface base jersey with the 3do stuff looks promising, but all the reviews I've read the shoulders don't really stay in place all that much.

I've been super happy with Poc body armor. Bruccio Jan 9, at 8: My knee after falling 4 feet landed on a rock. Now I go slower there if I don't have them on, and if I ion air pro wifi lite action camera vs gopro I am careful to not make the same mistake twice!

Matt76 Jan 9, at 4: It has made me laugh when must people have put down that they ride Enduro!! I ride a so called Enduro bike Whyte Gs and ride trail centres and local woodlands so I certainly wouldn't class that as Enduro!!

Just because you may ride an Enduro bike didn't mean you ride Enduro come off it!! Bikimg past my teens and 20's - doesn't matter what I wear or how I best film editing software for mac it they'll be faster than me.

Upside - I'm not in my teens or 20's so don't really care what others think about how I look on the trails. Wrinkles Jan 9, at 7: When I first starting riding i had a full face, knee and elbow pads and gloves but most of the time these went unused as they were uncomfortable, hot and limited mobility. These days you can get good protection that goes pretty much un-noticed up until you take a spill, so if you have the money for decent gear why not wear protection?

NMK Jan 9, at For my regular rides I wear a half-face and gloves, but for enduro races I add knee and elbow pads. I like the idea of the Bell Super 2 and bikkng the additional protection for races.

I find I go faster with the extra equipment because I can push my limits a bit more and not pay as much if I do take a spill. For riding the bike park, I protdction a neck brace. I tried the back protector, but gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum it too constricting paired with the neck brace, and chose the neck brace over the back protector.

Sorry, but the first poll's answers are pretty awfully laid out. Yeah i reckon. I wear kneepads but don't wear gloves but it won't let me enter that. Owaind Jan 9, at 2: I wear a full face and knee pads for alot of AM trail riding around here as I feel safer. Helmet on gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum bag on the fire road climbs and more protection on the way down, the weight is a gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum sacrifice.

With the improvement in bike tech in the last 10 years we are riding downhill trails on a AM ride so the possibility of fofum injury is high. I'm 43 and look like robocop compared peotection all the younger dudes on the mountain.

Dexter Morgan

For the most part, they're quite a bit better, and if I could hit the jump lines like them, I'd ditch at least gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum shin guards. Vans4life14 Jan 9, at I usually wear gloves, eyewear, knee pads and I'm buying some low profile elbow pads because I'm tired of ripping up my elbows. Full face or open face helmet depending on the trail.

For Dh racing I wear all that but with a pressure suit and neck brace. I've just recently put my Dainese Old fashioned body armor to the test and did the job very well. Big crash OTB after a jump left me with good bruises and scratches but nothing that last more than five days to heal.

And yes I was the only one that did wear Full face and full body armor that day This feel could be even intensified if you ride with a bunch of cool enduro riders with all the best rigs etc Carloso Jan 11, at 7: I crashed yesterday. I have Troy lee knee protection. Cero injury. What does a micro sd card look like have Troy lee gloves cero injury. I have Troy lee medusa hellmet cero injury.

I don't wear my chest protection and I have injury in my shoulder. I have lead brace and don't wear I have pain on my back. I've been one year without gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum. But yesterday happen. Vanguard Jan 10, at 2: It is time the filmmakers stop showing riders sending it with only a t-shirt on.

Making protective gear cool to the kids will only happen if the role models are yi action camera timelapse to video it.

Ok, this year I had what I would consider a pretty bad DH crash. Hit a slippery bridge and bike goes sideways off of bridge, feet come off the pedals and when I land sideways, I get the back of the seat right in the groin area just above the 'jewels'.

I wear all gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum gear but I don't know of any protection for that area. Any options out there? Bristecom Jan 8, at Looks like Troy Lee Designs does. Or at least for the inner thigh.

Otherwise, you'd need a cup, LOL.

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Err, a jock? Not sure what you call them there. Expresssss Jan 9, at The more I wear the more intense I ride. I feel safe and secure in my gear like nothing can touch me so I get wicked confidant and bomb down trails like there's no stretch out mountain biking gloves. It seems to me that there are no companies offering body armour that provides good protection. The old Dainese stuff used to at least protect you well,but you did feel like a ninja turtle.

Now the lightweight D3O gear feels great but mountani inspire me with too much confidence if you were to land hard onto rocks. Who is making qualityprotective full DH body armour that you can allows you good freedom of movement? NaughtybyNorfolk Jan 9, at It's pricey but it's comfortable and has saved my ass multiple times. VPD 2. I gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum a look at that wahoo elemnt gps cycling computer bundle haven't tried one on.

Is it as good as it sounds? TroubleZone13 Jan 8, at Before i ride, gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum always ask my friend how the track condition. Is it rocky, rooty, or whatever similiar with it. Is it wet, muddy, or not. I'm not that kind of rider who just ride a track without knowing the track condition first. To make it simple, i won't ride until i know the track chracteristic.

I have my own reason. It's such painful memory of mine. The protections mostly i use are neck brace, knee, full body mounain, full face helmet,padded shorts, gloves, and goggle. I try to wear as much protection as I can without being too hot or limited in my movement.

So for now, that's a half helmet ordered the convertible Bell Super 2Rbiker eye wear, biker shoes, gloves, fro pads, and elbow pads. I am considering getting a protective vest as long as it vents well enough and doesn't restrict movement. I'll probably go with the Dainese Ryholite jacket but it's expensive. But what's interesting is that most MTB'ers around bioing come from road biking so they wear what road bikers wear and make fun of us who gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum elbow and knee pads.

protection mountain forum for biking cactus gloves

Yet, the trails are very tough and people often break bones, myself included. So yeah, who cares what other people think. Just try to find the right balance between safety and comfort!

cactus forum for gloves mountain biking protection

Can't speak for everyone and each to their own but I can safely say I bikong my armour had saved me from more serious injury quite a few times. Elbows and knees are important joints and even the smoothest, safest trails you can think of have the odd rock or root where, if you landed on it, you'd be in potentially serious trouble. The trouble I'd get from the missus would bit be worth it: I fall off my bike helmets for toddlers big heads quite a lot.

Usually just gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum jump into a bush or a run out and never really been one for protection. I think knees are a fad, even though I wear knee pads.

forum cactus protection gloves mountain biking for

Gloves I could take or leave. But it only took one landing to my face to convince me an XC lid isn't enough for me. Protectin face hit the dirt and I still broke my nose and bled everywhere. If I'd landed on a rock I'd have been in hospital for a while and have an even funkier looking face. StackingItSince Jan 11, at I don't understand why arm protection isn't more popular. Everyone seems to wear knee pads but even a fairly modest landing on your arms can lead to serious injuries.

The ones I use TLD you don't notice you bijing wearing them until you need them. My knee pads on the other hand are hot and annoying. Beerswe Jan 9, at 8: I use my helmet,knee pads and spine protector i have never like having those vest protecting things because i feel like u cant move. Its up to you to choose, but a helmet is cactuz every one should have. Got a neck brace after my brother broke his neck and back in a bike protevtion so I'll never ride without one, also just got my wife one.

Robbo Jan 9, at I truly don't get the 'no gloves' thing. Nothing stops your next ride faster than scraping the first few layers gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum skin off your palms Knee pads with d30 and better how to troubleshoot computer display on exercise bike so good kinda silly not to wear em.

Especially now that we ride our "trail" bikes like dh machines if yesteryear. The maxi pads rrrr great, but smell. In motocross background for neck braces at least there's controversy over what is actually safer. Sometimes a lack of flexibility can cost you as much as not wearing anything.

RatHunter83 Jan 9, at 4: At the very least everyone should wear a helmet. You can recover from scrapes and broken bones but brain damage is something i'll pass on. Gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum already gloves for mountain biking cactus protection forum off too many brain cells in high school. Enough protection so that if i come off, i won't be out of work for long. Bills won't pay themselves. Saying that, I'd rather not look like the Michelin man.

Supernova-cycles Jan 9, at 2: I used to wear everything I could get my hands on.

News:Oct 20, - The forum is also a great place to arrange impromtu rides, and find out the big issues: protecting the trails, preserving land and providing lots of great This year's prizes include a choice of Specialized mountain bikes, either the After he took his class at the Cactus Cup we Socks, Gloves, Tool Kits.

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