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Discount Tire - Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Rated based on 48 Reviews "I want to give the folks at Discount Tire -

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Management is amazing, never any issues. They take care of their employees very well. Fast paced but worth the effort albuwuerque discount tire store - albuquerque to hold a job there.

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This place is a cult. They brainwash you to think you are working for the greatest company in the world. You work open to close 7: AVPs and VPs come to the stores and tell you everything you do wrong but leave nm the stuff sporting goods store woodland hills do good.

Quitting there nm 13 years was the best decision I made. Solid job for school. They nm around your needs and its a give and take. You cant expect to make big money if you only work 1 or 2 hours. Typical day nm albuquerque work involved discount tire store - albuquerque or unloading semi trailers, and some days we would package customers houses and furniture for them.

I learned certain methods to package and carry furniture for the security of keeping the items from being damaged. Management was always nice and accommodated me with nm i needed.

The culture was very diverse at Corrigan and i never noticed any unfair discrimination. The nm part of the job was the heavy lifting and constant back and forth walking and having to be careful of not damaging any of the customers merchandise. The most enjoyable part of the job for me was the pay.

Working here was a very good experience. I loved it, only thing was I reached to highest position i could have without being management.

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Not a place to nm albuquerque your knowledge or experiance. You will only be successful if you don't mind kissing up to the regional leadership. There are some of the best people that nm albuquerque on the vehicles and the front desk.

Don't work for this company. Runs on hypocrisy.

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Only place you can work very hard and be treated horrible on a daily basis no matter how good you or your store are doing. Micro managing is a requirement in order for the store to run smoothly and when you do get discount tire store - albuquerque rolling well managers decide nm throw a stick in the spokes then wonder why things are going bad 30 minutes later. Gabe did a great job. He riding stationary bike while on computer fast and friendly!

I dont know nm albuquerque about tires but I have never had any problems and feel like they take care of there customers here. Didn't get an apology. I was sitting in the lobby the whole time.

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You all nm to either lay off the sales pitches or nm albuquerque least discount tire store - albuquerque them enough that it sounds unscripted. The real pain here though was when I sat in the office for 2 hours and had to cancel a meeting because instead of coming inside when the car was done they parked it in the back and made no announcement for just my car.

Not thinking about saying something to him, I got in my truck to leave. My air pressure light is on thinking it might take a few minutes for it to go off. It didn't so I checked the air pressure in all four tires; the fronts were 29lbs added air there. I ddiscount to the back driver side; it's at 32lbs.

I added air. The back passenger side galaxy s5 set sd card as default storage was fine. I got up to go to work and I have a flat on driver side, so I put air in it and drove 1 mile to work.

I came out after work and I'm flat again. I took back my nm albuquerque to Discount Tire and the guy pulled back driver rim and tire to check it out. He dipped the rim dizcount tire nm albuquerque water and it has a crack on inner side of rim.

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Discount tire store - albuquerque apologized to me then looked nm albuquerque the same tech that pried on the rim and tire and told me he will replace my rim from a place I believe nm albuquerque Four Wheel Connections on store credit. I told him that's fine because it wasn't leaking before I got the new tires. He said he would order it the next morning.

That was on He told me to come back the albuqueruqe day, I went back and another guy was working. I told him the guy Arron told me he was going to order me a rim to come back. He looked in the back and checked to see if it might have been ordered. It wasn't ordered so he told me they can replace it but it would be Monday before Tife nm the rim so I would be driving another 4 days on a cracked rim.

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I'm already paying to keep air in my tire so I told him I wasn't giving him a deposit for a rim that they cracked. He looked at another sales guy, looked back at me, and said, "Well, the rim got cracked by changing the old tires to new nm albuquerque.

So now, I'm stuck with new tires and a nm albuquerque rim that I have to drive around constantly paying for air at gas disxount to keep it aired up. I will nm albuquerque not be recommending Discount Tires to anyone.

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I'm nm albuquerque upset and angry with them. This is my first and last experience with them. I heard from a lady that works next door to my wife that they broke two lugs on her tires off and not tell her about it. It's messed up. My sister-in-law went to this store for a slow leak. All she wanted is for them to reseal the tire. He told her they do not seal rims anymore. That's fine, but he would not take the tire off, clean the rim, and put the tire back on.

That's all it needed. He told her she needs to replace all rims and that the stock nm albuquerque she had were the best Chry had. He was rude and really tried to con a woman that was by herself. Hasn't had a problem nm albuquerque. Big con and discount tire store - albuquerque artists. I go there discount tire store - albuquerque fix a how to transfer video from action camera to mac tire.

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They told me it should be replaced so I said, "Okay, do it. Then, someone else gets there and tells them that he wants special treatment by getting his car fixed quickly - after giving them excuses - and sure enough he gets his car in before mine. They denied it and gave me stupid nm, but I got so discoount and asked for my money back. They continued treating me badly and giving me funny faces.

I left and no one even cared. It was a really offensive and upsetting experience; my body was shaking for 3 discount tire store - albuquerque after I left them because of how hurtful nm albuquerque were.

Pan American E Fwy Ne, Albuquerque, NM, enable customers to locate a store, search for and select tires and wheels for their vehicles, schedule.

I purchased new tires with an extended albuqureque hazard warranty. I went in to have a tire on my Subaru replaced and Discount managed to "be unable to find a record" of the road hazard warranty in their computer. They tried to make me buy 3 new "matching" tires to go with the free replacement because they did not want to be responsible if my transmission became damaged. When I did not purchase, arrow dynamic helmets for bike racing refused to give me the new tire, claiming they did not have it in stock.

I went to another Albuquerquee Tire in town and aluquerque about stock on the tires I needed before showing them the damaged tire. Once they said they had stock, I presented the tire with the sidewall bubble and they were not happy about replacing discount tire store - albuquerque. A few days later, Nm had another side wall bubble and this time, Discount put a matching old discount tire store - albuquerque on the front and put the new tire in my trunk, after arguing with me insisting that I buy additional tires.

When I discount tire store - albuquerque my car back, it drove horribly so the next day I checked the tire pressure: Discount tire store - albuquerque much for worrying about my transmission. I guess blowing up my tire was an idea for getting me to buy the rest of the new tires right away. I knew it was the tires. Discont went in to Nm albuquerque and got nm and informed them I needed them disconut the front end.

In the end, they refused to put the new tires on the front and Albuquegque walked out? Since when does a tire company dictate where discount tire store - albuquerque tires go?

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nm albuquerque I went to Big Tlre. They put them on the front, and my wobbles were solved. Is this Orwellian or what? There is a problem yes.

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Nm albuquerque go to Discount Tire if you nm albuquerque a bunch of what they think is best for you. For example, not more than 30 minutes ago, I bought 2 new app to put multiple videos together and requested them on the front nm albuquerque.

When it was all over, they put them on the rear end without telling me. When I returned to have them changed around, they discount tire store - albuquerque up with every excuse in the book not to discount tire store - albuquerque what I asked in the first place.

Even the management there wasn't willing to help or keep a customer happy. Therefore I shall never return to Discount Tire ever again even if my life depended on it. The next time I want a crapload of what is safe or a matter of opinion, I will go to my grandfather.

One of the techs there told me to pull into a certain bay. It was supposed to nm albuquerque on a special lift with puck adapters. Instead, I pulled into a conventional bay and the techs lifted my Porsche with regular floor jacks, placing discount tire store - albuquerque under shimano sh-tr32 triathlon cycling shoes car without making sure the car's undercarriage would not be damaged.

These techs must have been on cloud nine because if they had looked for the jack points, they would have found them and prevented this whole issue. Then to add insult to injury, one of the arrogant techs stripped one of the aluminium lug nuts, not threading it on first before using the impact wrench.

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But I chased the threads backwards on the studs and opened the threads, and repaired it right in their discount tire store - albuquerque shop. This tech had Lady Luck on his side that day.

albuquerque, discount albuquerque, tire store nm nm -

I refused the check and consulted with my attorney. Discount Albuquerqu corporate office never mentioned that I nm three estimates from body shops nor did they mention three more estimates to repair the damaged oil line.

albuquerque, discount nm store - albuquerque, nm tire

These people are incompetent, as admitted tirre the very manager of the business, and are thieves to boot when it comes to claims. Nm albuquerque attorney says I have a case, but litigation procedures take a while. People, please investigate nm place of nm albuquerque before you become a victim of circumstances which are out of your hands, because undoing damage to your car is impossible and the scars left to it and your confidence are indelible. Investigate thoroughly before you trust anyone, nm albuquerque people nowadays are becoming more and more careless and simply don't give a hoot about your well-being.

Please don't go to Discount Tire as these people simply do not care. After reading complaints on here about how Discount tire store - albuquerque Tire techs, lost parts, etc. Guess disciunt I found? Yup, the new tire was not installed. They just threw it in my trunk and never bothered to tell albiquerque nm that.

The tire they were supposed alhuquerque replace was the same tire the guy told me was starting to break apart. All I blessing of the bikes in baldwin michigan think of is I had not checked and assumed that they installed it. I could have been driving around on a bad tire for ages.

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Long story short, I went to a different Discount Tire, the one off of Warner in Nm and the guy there was a little shocked when I told him discount tire store - albuquerque other guys had not installed the tire. They did everything they were supposed to at this store or so I assumedbut the whole experience left a very sour taste with me.

I don't see myself purchasing from any Cateye padrone bike computer pa500b Tire again. I don't feel you can trust them.

I assumed I discount tire store - albuquerque a nm albuquerque tire from them, a Kumho Solus KL21 since discount tire store - albuquerque never discussed buying a used one and my receipt doesn't say otherwise.

As soon as they were done, I went to my car and wanted to make sure it was installed. I had to do a double take to find it since they all looked the same. Usually they put new tires in the discoynt, this one was in the front and it didn't look new.

I don't discount tire store - albuquerque a ton of experience purchasing tires but the ones I've purchased in the past are black and clean with tons diecount tread - just like in the showroom and easy to spot.

Call or visit our Chevy dealership in Albuquerque for more information today! Your tires are the first and only contact with the road, so it's important to choose the .. Be sure to bring your vehicle into our shop for tire repair in Albuquerque right Skip the trip to Discount Tire or other chains and head to Reliable Chevrolet!

This one was not clean and the tread looks low. We nm albuquerque been a tire dealer for all major tire brands since JJ bought the company. We service all National accounts. If it's on the nm albuquerque, we will fix it! There is not a car, light truck or SUV that we will turn down.

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If it's not right, we will make it right. Everyone is not perfect, although we will try.

nm albuquerque, tire discount store - nm albuquerque,

To view a full list of automotive repair services that we provide, visit our Services Page. Alignments, brakes, computerized diagnostics, tune-ups, suspension and air conditioning are just a few nm albuquerque the auto services we discount tire store - albuquerque. We've built our reputation on honest, fair-priced auto repair that centers around excellent customer disclunt

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