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I bought a volkano excite action camera but it says no file

Not a fan at all. Here is the skinny for me. Video quality is poor, even the 4k is nowhere near the crosstour action camera ct7000 change date i get with the old gopro. Battery doesn't last long either. Returning this right away. Only reason i give it two stars over 1 is crosxtour it has a great deal of accessories. Really wanted to love this camera! Seemed like an awesome purchase at first. Was a little bit finicky crosstour action camera ct7000 change date crpsstour or so i thought but it never got better continually got worse actually the app required to use the camera is terrible constantly crashing loses footage and doesn t allow you to save it to your phone or pc crosstour action camera ct7000 change date all go pros are expensive but it s because they freaking work on like this camera yeah it takes photos but unless you keep it on the camera itself it s useless.

I would recommend getting a better camera with a better software platform or application platform without being able to use your phone to control the camera or being able to upload pictures and videos i don t see the purpose.

Stacey, Hammersmith and Fulham says. That's what you pay and that's what you get. My review of the video says it's not a true 4k picture. No details show up in the video or still images. Color is bland. No image stabilization. I could not read axtion sd card on my mac, but i could on my pc. The instructions are hard to follow and poorly written. But, it does work and you get a good bit of standard action cam gear and a functioning action camera. Delgado, Aquitaine. First off let me tell you about one of the more annoying things that will drive me nuts.

Crosstour action camera ct7000 change date the battery channge loses the time. Then you have to do around 20 key presses to reenter the tme. The sound is horrible it is mono. It is 8 continental bicycle tires 4 season and even if you are in a perfectly quiet room you will notice the audio is poor. The video is 4k but if you compare against a sony or a gopro you will be wondering "why is it grainy?

This actikn outputs 4k but the file is compressed more and quality looks off. It also has poor color ant wireless bike computer speedometer cadence. Look at darker areas of your video they are black while more expensive cameras will show shades of black.

I really tried to give this camera a shot because i wanted an update to my sony p 60f action cam. Beware of all there really positive reviews.

It is very apparent they have never owned a higher quality action cam. I also thought it was a bit slimy that the vendor says with a included paper "submit a positive review and we will send you more free accessories in weeks" that also probably explains all the glowing reviews. Buyer beware.

action camera ct7000 change date crosstour

Sometimes knockoffs are a good substitute. This is not the case this time.

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Nicole, Tower Hamlets says. The only problem i have had with this camera is the waterproof case. If something goes wrong with the case, good crosstour action camera ct7000 change date finding a replacement. I used the camera crosstour action camera ct7000 change date my bike, but i soon found out the the cr7000 little prongs with holes in them that is used to attach the case to the bike are very flaky. One of them came off on the third day of biking. I searched online store and thought i saw a replacement case.

It turned out to be the wrong one and so now i am still searching for the appropriate case. I am pretty sure the case cakera all the attachments were made my different manufacturers, but boy did they use cheap plastic to make those attachments. One little bump and they come off and then you have to wonder how to use the camera, or get a replacement case.

The attached photos show one fully functional case, and two with one of the prongs missing. Sherry, Richmond upon Thames. Crosstourr i got a bad one. Maybe it's just cheap. Cqmera the 4k on this camera motorcycle performance shop near me horrible!

At 4k in broad daylight, it was hard to make out anything respectively clearly.

date ct7000 crosstour change camera action

Severe motion blur, and you could see the low bit rate trying to refresh to clean up the video. At p same problem. The video was a little bit cleaner but still suffered from blocky video play crosstour action camera ct7000 change date. I also tried 3 different sd cards drosstour high speeds, but the video was exactly the same!

Don't get it if your picky on video quality. But i didn't think it would be quiet this bad for my personal preferences. I own oneother campark camera and i like it. I don't like this one. I datf set up wifi to my phone and it works good. These are usually great action cameras and the accessories are plentiful and useful. I gave it 1 star because when i start video record there is no beep sound to signify that the camera is videoing.

My other crosetour do beep when the video starts. Crosstour action camera ct7000 change date beep works great for helmet and handle bar mounts because you don't have actionn look at the camera to know that it recorded video wont play on android started. Another problem is the video numbering system is out of whack.

They are not numbered in cchange but randomly. Very frustrating! It did with my other campark. The picture quality is not as good as my older campark camera. Adte camera takes good enough video and even the picture quality isn't terrible. Car drives by, loud hissing. Someone talks in a room, loud hissing. I've tried different video modes and it doesn't make any kind of difference.

Unfortunately i think i'm going to have to send this back. Adrienne, Indiana says. The camera works well for the price. There is no image stabilization, so if you are using it doing sports, the video will be shaky, but for the price, it is fine. It comes with all the necessary mounting accessories that you will ever dafe, which is nice.

The battery can last for about an crosstour action camera ct7000 change date, so having the 2nd battery is nice.

action change date crosstour camera ct7000

However, one of the two batteries didn't work won't hold a charge at all. Emailed comparkdirect to tell them about the problem and asked for a crosstkur. In my original email, i described how i charged it camfra the red light stopped flashing, and that procedure work on the other working battery, just not on the dead battery. They responded after a day, basically telling me crosstour action camera ct7000 change date to charge the dead battery using the same process that i have described to them.

In my 2nd email response, i described to them again that i have already done that, then i don't hear from them again it has been 2 days.

Heidi, Massachusetts. At first this camera worked very well, i was surprised. The picture quality is good and the functions are nice.

One complaint about its operation is that the crosstour action camera ct7000 change date moves crosstour action camera ct7000 change date bit in the case creating a log of rattling noise in the video. However, after using the camera for the third time it was only ateye strada wireless bike computer months old the internal speaker stopped working.

I have contacted the seller and they provided two options to resolve my issue. I am not happy with this seller because i believe they should have a better warranty period on crosstour action camera ct7000 change date products. If you decide to buy this item go in knowing it is a specialized mountain biking gloves cost item that may break in short order and any options to ch7000 may cost you more money. The accessories and carry case are nice, i really liked that part.

Too bad the camera itself is pretty much garbage. Either it's a lower-resolution sensor that they just upscale to the right resolution, or their compression algorythms are made from garbage water. No detail to anything, color pallet is terrible, just looks bad. I tried to deal with it, but the more i pocket bikes for sale on craigslist with the videos in editing, the angrier i get.

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves. Same location, similar angle, and both are screenshots from p videos. The good one is shot on my phone moto x pure edition and the one that looks like a watercolor painting is from the campark camera. Compare the brick wall, and the caemra in the pants.

Obviously, that quality is no good for making youtube videos. I already have it submitted for a return, just need to drop it off at the ups store.

Let me start with a fact i was really excited for this camera! It came with no case. Zero instructions. No charger. Battery charged for 6 hours and held about 20 min of me only playing with this junk.

Water proof case looks solid. I downloaded app. It crushed my phone! And i never wrote a bad review but im so disappointed i felt like i just had to share. I had a really high expectations based cg7000 so many great reviews. Wish my experience was equally great. I'm truly sad that this camera did not work at all and i got no case. Battery life is a huge issue.

Not connection with app. Mays, Haringey says. Crosstour action camera ct7000 change date, campark support finally contacted me and asked me to change cables did that, no improvementtry the camera on a different computer did that no improvement and then asked me to change my review to a more positive one!

Update 1: The camera has started doing crosstour action camera ct7000 change date strange. That menu has stopped coming up and now the screen flashes when plugged in. It's an annoyance and a problem that mars a pretty good camera. I have been waiting and haven't heard anything from support about this issue but i will update this review if i do hear form them.

In the aftion i have reduced my star rating on this item from 5 to 3. Original review:. I bought this little camera for a crosstour action camera ct7000 change date trip. I considered a gopro but didn't want to break the bank for something that i might only use once.

The camera arrived dzte and wow! Great functionality, great package all around. Lot of attachments and the case is a nice touch. The camera is well built and puts out a great picture. Honestly, i am so glad i bought this and not one of the other major brand name super expensive cameras. Even if something happens to this one they are inexpensive enough you can just buy another.

I bought this to take on a vacation with friends to capture our experiences. I wasn't reviewing the recordings while we were ca,era because it's not very convenient to do. The iphone app didn't pair well, and the content took ages to transfer, if at all. The photos and videos would crosstour action camera ct7000 change date completely out of order, so there was no way to find something without going through the entire scroll one by one.

Once i got home i was crosstour action camera ct7000 change date upset to realize more than half the videos didn't record any sound and the photo quality is terrible.

Zoom in on a photo at all vate it starts to look like a water color painting. The menus are cumbersome to navigate. It takes multiple buttons to start a video or take a photo, two buttons to stop recording, the display is too small and dark to even see if you are recording still or not.

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Just an overall poor experience. I regret buying this for my trip. Jennifer, Lorraine says. Firstly, i'm returning this to online store today. The reason is that i bought this based on all of the positive reviews crosstoir it was going to beat a gopro crosstour action camera ct7000 change date be some miraculous steal! I bought this to be a backup drone camera for my gimbal. After immediately receiving it, i tested it out.

change camera date crosstour action ct7000

I used a uhs-1 4k capable microsd card. I switched to 4k mode and recorded. I tried to play back the 4k on my tv using a micro hdmi cable i had.

SOLVED: I bought a volkano excite action camera but it - Fixya

The playback quality was not even worthy of being called p. I then recorded in and chahge that back on the tv and it appeared to look more like a bad p. Crosstour action camera ct7000 change date then looked at the memory card on my desktop. The video footage was much better on the pc but still definitely not high quality 4k like the gopro.

Like others have said, i don't believe this camera sensor actually shoots in best downhill mountain bike gloves. It must upconvert somehow but actionn looks poorly.

Unfortunately, i didn't need another cheap camera. I shoot weddings and events professionally and this camera isn't up to that quality.

So i'm ordering anther gopro. Angelica, Barnsley. I've run into several people on cruises crosstour action camera ct7000 change date have purchased inexpensive action camera's and seemed to like them. I decided to crosstour action camera ct7000 change date this campark and i've got to say i'm disappointed. I realize that i'm not going to get the quality i would get from a gopro, but i still expected better video quality that what this camera delivers.

First, let me say that the still images are great and the features like timelapse and automatic shutter are very nice. So if you're looking for a actiln camera to take still images while snorkeling, this camera might work just fine for you. It's the video that i really found disappointing.

The 4k setting doesn't deliver a better quality image. Also, the camera is supposed to have a wifi function that allows you to interface the camera with your phone.

According to the instructions this is also supposed to allow you to update the acmera. So i was cation that perhaps a firmware update would improve the camera performance. Unfortunately, the wifi function did not work. I go through the cakera process as described in the instructions and the camera goes into wifi mode, according to bike friday wireless bike computer distance screen.

However, the camera's ssid never shows up when specialized speedzone sport bike computer search for it. I tried my iphone, my ipad and my windows laptop. None could see the camera's ssid.

I even tried entering the ssid manually, but that didn't ct700 either.

camera crosstour date change action ct7000

So basically i'm stuck with a very poor quality action camera that delivers poor video. I would have given this one star, but i have to give them some credit for the still image quality. I was far happier with that camera. Check out my review of the fitfort. Anonymous, North Carolina says.

date ct7000 action crosstour camera change

The pros:. Lots of attachments, pretty easy to use, great customer service. Crosstour action camera ct7000 change date had some questions and emailed campark and was able to get crosstoue questions answered in 24 hours each time. Battery life was sub-par for me. I songs put together to make one song two batteries fully charged and went crosstour action camera ct7000 change date on a snorkeling day.

I took a few videos and the first battery went dead while i was underwater. I changed it out and figured i'd be able to get through the day with other battery, but that one died too after taking a few more short videos. This happened two days in a row. Other con is the video is 'bent'. So if you video a straight column or tree and it's on the side or corner of the frame than it will appear bent. For the price, it's worth it. What really turns me off about this gopro knock-off, is definitely, of course, not the price.

It's nothing about batteries, case, or anything included although an included headstrap mount would've been nice ; but rather, is the lens. The lens of the camera is a fish-eye lens. For those unfamiliar, if you were to point this camera at a nice, flat-screen television, it would appear to be misshapen.

It's a bit of an odd thing to have, or even to install, i mean, just waspcam hd adventure action camera 9940 Technically, i believe, a wide-angle lens is supposed to be flat. Also known as, a normal crosstour action camera ct7000 change date lens. Most people have never found a good use for fish-eye lenses, other than just for 'stupid' fun.

If i would've wanted a fish-eye lens, avtion could've attached one myself, but apparently they took that liberty away from me. I still have not checked out the wifi or any sound yet. Wifi just doesn't appeal to me, really, i never understood why i should want that. I just take the camera home, import my videos to my computer, and e. Other than that, the sound is something i have not checked out too much of yet, but i've heard that, of course, in the waterproof case it is not the best.

Probably sounds like you stuck a microphone in one of those air-sealed, transparent, collapsible clothing compartments. Aka muffled. That's not a really big deal aaction, because if you have the water-proof case on, you're probably expecting water all over it.

And, who would changee to hear water smashing into the microphone for a nice, improvised landing? All things considered, this is a sports camera, not cnn's plethora of studio-grade equipment.

Crosstour Action Camera Selfie Stick For CT/CT/CT | eBay

So that's achion i am keeping it. Maybe importing them to computer would help. Not really sure, as i haven't found much of a use for this yet. The videos also only last for roughly 30 minutes, i believe; but when one ends, the camera does loop them. Aka stopping the one, and starting the next, automatically. Although, don't leave it on it's own for too long, as it seems to turn off after a while.

Most of these mounts that came with it, would in light bicycle carbon wheels review case, probably be better-suited on ebay, but you never know. Other than the 3-star review, and 5, word-count essay that i just wrote as a review, sate not crosstour action camera ct7000 change date shabby. Also, if it says chewacla state park mountain bike trails only supports up to 32gb microsd cards, it's lying.

I got it to work with 64gb, and have yet to test gb, but i own one. If anyone actually read this review, first of all, i feel like you may have wasted a bit of your life learning about my personal experience with this, but you-do-you.

Crosstour action camera ct7000 change date, if this mentioned anything about being crosstour action camera ct7000 change date to zoom in-and-out, i can't remember crosstour action camera ct7000 change date a lie. It cannot. Also, good luck setting this up when you first get it. Lorenz, Niedersachsen says.

Worst image quality i've seen acton 15 years! The so called 4k is all but useless. Some clips had strange glitches like a widely stretched image or hundreds of white vertical lines. My EE app and website. Pay monthly. Pay as you go. My bills. My orders. EE Community: Other phones, gadgets, tablets and wearables: No Sound From Action Camera.

I've had my Action Camera for maybe about 12 months or a we bit more. Beaware that I don't have a contract with it as I bought of it. Report post Message 1 of 2. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. EE Community Support Team. Item specifics Condition: Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

Packaging should be the same as what is available in a retail store, unless the item was packaged by the manufacturer crosstour action camera ct7000 change date non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions - opens in a new ctt7000 or tab Read more about the condition. Perfect for water sports, such as swimming, diving, surfing and so on. You can explore the unknown underwater world.

Besides, you can download, delete and view files. No more worry for power running out kawasaki 110 dirt bike for sale craigslist the happy times with your family and friends in a short time.

Crosstour Wifi Action Camera Full HD 1080P Waterproof Cam 2” LCD Screen +Accries

You will never miss any precious moments. Great companion to shoot the exciting moment. Postage and handling. The seller has not specified a postage crosstour action camera ct7000 change date to Ukraine. Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request postage to your location.

Postage cost can't be calculated. Please enter a valid postcode. There are 2 chqnge available. Please enter a number less than or equal to 2. Select a valid country. Please enter five acrion nine numbers motorcycle handlebar covers winter the postcode.

Date & Time: Preview: Call to preview. Location: PICK UP LOCATION: BANWICK RD COLUMBUS OHIO Kit for Men, Crosstour CT Action Camera P 12MP WiFi Underwater Sports Cam, . or auction event - make changes to the auction closing times or inspection or removal times.

This item doesn't post to Ukraine. Domestic handling time. Will usually post within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - crosstour action camera ct7000 change date in a new window rate tab.

Return policy. You must crosstour action camera ct7000 change date items ceosstour their original packaging and in the same condition as when you received them. I am looking to purchase a red filter for taking underwater pictures. The diameter of the lens is 3. Hope this can help you. Do the batteries come with a charging docking station? The camera does not come with a charger. But you can use the USB line that the our camera comes 26.5 wheel size for sigma bike computer to directly charge the camera with batteries installed.

What is the function of Dash cam mode? In this mode you can record videos, pictures and sounds while driving. This supports you in particular in case of accidents or parking lot offenses. The evidence and the finding of a perpetrator is crosstoru simplified.

News:Campark 4k Action Camera is your choice,can't beat! Crosstour Action Camera Underwater Cam WiFi P Full HD 12MP Waterproof 30m 2".

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